Wild at heart

From last week’s prompt – inspired by Lilli’s card…

All his life all he’d heard was things like ‘Oh, you’ll never do it’, and ‘What you, you haven’t got a cat in hell’s chance’.

Put-downs throughout his formative years could easily have crushed him but Fabian was stronger than even his name suggested.

Admittedly he had been a bit of a waster at school, he admitted that to himself quite freely, but he also admitted that it was because he was bored with the classes. always one step ahead of the other kids at his age, yet always appeared one step behind. His intelligence masked by his behaviour, which in turn was a mask for his shyness.

Now at twenty eight he was ready to show them all. For the previous six months he had been working for hours every day on his laptop to build his website for his amazing idea. He was now ready to go live, but at the same time as nervous as hell.

Art, that was his thing, and he knew he was good. he’d even had one piece shown at the National Gallery, albeit under a pseudonym. That was one of his proudest moments ever when he took his mum in there and got her to admit that not only did she like it but that it was good too. He’d never actually told her it was his there and then, but later when the official documents were signed sealed and delivered he told her, only to be rebuked that it was a lucky fluke.

Now his special brand of artwork was to go on public show, on the biggest ‘canvas’ he knew of – The world wide web. All he had to do was press one more key and it would be done.

Closing his eyes he hit the key and his website was uploaded and published in the blink of an eye. Fabian quickly closed his laptop and left the room. He didn’t want to know how the site, or his art might be received until later. For now he was off out to get drunk.

At just after eleven Fabian returned to his laptop, not drunk, not even tipsy. Drink didn’t seem to have affected him that much. He guessed it was because he was on some kind of high state of nervousness waiting to see how his site was doing.

He fired up and logged on. Three hundred and twenty nine e-mails in his new inbox. He blinked again and again, unable to believe it. Just checking the headings most of them were from interested buyers.

Deftly his fingers flew over the keys opening up the dashboard for his website. IN the five hours he had been away he had had exactly eighteen thousand five hundred and fifty five hits, and the counter was still rolling upwards.

Fabian leaned back in his chair. He had done it the best way he could . he had shown them, and using their own words felt he had won the game. Those three words they threw at him so often were now the sign of his success. his website was a hit- ‘Wild at heart’ was a success.

2015-07-07 Lilli get well card


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