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Part TEN can be found here:  HANDS

“I’ve just returned from a very enlightening chat with Sue.” Pete came back into the office and sat at his desk with a very satisfied look on his face.  He carefully shuffled and tidied the papers he had been carrying.

“Sue has clearly worked her magic again for the blue eyed boy. If I didn’t know better I’d think you two had a thiong going.” Josh tried to get a look at the papers Pete was carefully guarding.

“It’s not what you know but who you know,” Pete replied slightly smuggly. “And ues she’s worked her magic and opened this case up even more for us.”

“Come on then, Share. What has she unearthed? Now I know why you blasted out of the office earlier, on a mission to Sue,” Josh suggested.

“Well, not quite. My first port of call was to Matt in the underworld. I’d noticed something on the photos I took that I wanted to check out with the official autopsy ones. Then I followed that up with Sue,” Pete told him.

“And?” Josh was getting more impatient to find out what they had found out. The continuing suspense was annoying.

“And…..” Pete began, leaving a dramatic pause. “Well, what I noticed was that our corpse’s hands didn’t look like the hands of a lady of luxury, more like those oif someone who worked hard for a living.”

“Chipped, bitten nails, no polish and a callous or two. Yeah, I thought taht odd too,” Josh confirmed.

“And kept it to yourself?” Pete asked. “Anyway, I checked the morgue photos and have confirmed that. Matt too had made a note of it in his report, along with other discrepancies. However as the body was so quickly released, for so-called diplomatic reasons, and further checks are out of the question.”

“So you went up to see Sue for her special brand of computer magic?” Josh questioned, trying to get a look at the papers Pete now held onto.

“Exactly that. I knew if anyone could help us out here she could. I also guessed she’d still be at her desk at this hour and wasn’t wrong.” Pete smiled.

“So what did she reveal?” Josh leaned back, raising his eyebrows at the double meaning of his question.

Ignoring Josh’s intimation Pete explained,”To start with just a simple Google search, and that came up with more than one person of the same name, but adding in the double-barrelled bit changed that. Interestingly she managed to pull up these photos.” Pete handed over a couple of computer print outs.

Looking at them Josh sighed. “None of these look like the corpse you bedded,” he said.

With raised eyebrows himself this time Pete continued,”Then we checked out the bios, and with a little bit more delving we hit gold. Just imagine this one here with blond hair.” He pointed to one of the photos.

“Okay, at a push I concede it could be,” Josh agreed.

“And what about this one?” Pete passed him another picture.

“Same girl, different dress, different hair, but wait a minute this one has short hair and your corpse had long, long hair.”

“Now this is where it gets really interesting, and luckily Sue was our girl for untangling the thread of a clue to where we go next….” Pete began, readying for a deeper explanation of what information he had gained.

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