Part TWO can be found here: Choice

Still holding the mobile to his ear Pete was trying to think around his little problem.

“You still there?” Josh asked.

“Yeah,” came Pete’s succinct and sorry reply.

“Shall I come get you? Before it all hits the fan,” Josh was making a huge offer and Pete knew it.

“But,” Pete began.

“Sounds like you need a friend right now, and I kinda fit that bill,” Josh said sympathetically. “So stop thinking about butts for once in your life:”

“So you don’t think I did it?” Pete asked.

“Come on, mate,” Josh tried to lighten the moment, “You in bed with a gorgeous blond woman is far enough out there, let alone killing someone.”

“I didn’t say she was gorgeous.” Pete tried to smile despite his dire situation.

“If she got you to bed she’d have to be more than gorgeous. You have checked below the covers haven’t you? It’s not a drag queen is it?” Josh continued the lighter banter.

“Ha, bloody, Ha,” Pete felt slightly better, knowing that his best friend in the job trusted him and knew him well enough to pose such questions.

“Desire’s a funny thing, man,” Josh added.

“Yeah funny enough for me to get into bed with blond bird and do her in. I don’t think so.” Pete retorted.

“Now if it was a hairy arsed lorry driver with tattoos I might have my doubts, but I know you well enough and where your desire pushes you to know this is some kind of fit up. I’m coming over there right now- The East One you said right? We can and will sort this, or go down trying. And mate that isn’t an invitation.” Josh laughed as he finished his speech. “And while you’re waiting take some snaps on your phone and check around for anything that might help us.”

“You’re sure?” Pete asked.

“About which bit?” Josh parried, “None of it, in truth, but I’m not letting you get crucified for something you clearly couldn’t have done. Just promise me two things, One: you stay of the booze till we sort this, and two, keep your desire in check.” In so saying Josh hung up.

The conversation had done Pete a power of good, as he knew it would. He still had a headache from hell and a mouth like the sandpaper floor of a budgie’s cage, but he felt there might be a way out of this mess. Switching on his camera app he took photos from all angles of anything he thought might be of use. He also checked the room and en-suite for anything that might help clear his name.

‘Desire’s a funny thing,’ he repeated Josh’s words as he searched, knowing full well that it wasn’t desire that had got him into this wretched bed or into this awful situation.

03 - desire

And the next chapter can be found here: Wealth



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