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Part NINE can be found here:  EUROPE

Pete threw his jacket over his shoulder and rushed down to the morgue in the basement, where he found Matt (Matthew P Corbin),  the coroner up to his elbows in another suspicious death.

“Matt?” Pete said pressing the intercom to speak to the coroner in his ‘theatre’.

Matt waved for Pete to come in.  “What’s up?” he asked as Pete came through the double doors and maintained a respectful distance from the latest addition to Matt’s morgue.

“This Svetlana woman,” Pete began.

“Body’s already been handed over to the Ruskies,” Matt told him.

“Yeah, I know. I’ve got some SOCO photos here,” Pete said, not giving away the fact that they were actually his photos.”And I thought we could compare notes, as I’ve a question that could change things.”

“Hang on a sec, I’m pretty much done here. Let me clean up a bit and we’ll go through to the office. Sam…” Matt called his assistant and started to wash off his hands.

In Matt’s overcrowded and paper-strewn office Pete laid out a couple of photos on Matt’s desk. “Take a look at these and tell me what you think.” he prompted.

Matt picked up the photos and started to study them. “Any hints?” he asked.

“I don’t want to lead you into my thoughts.” Pete replied smiling. It was something Matt had often thrown at him when he didn’t see something and asked for help.

“Okay, got it.” Matt smiled triumphantly. “And you’re right it could change everything. Hang on.” He turned to his computer screen and brought up the postmortem images. “I had a feeling something wasn’t right here, but couldn’t put my finger on it. Now with these photos and checking against mine,” he turned the screen towards Pete to show closer images of Svetlana’s dead hands.

“Exactly,” Pete said. “They’re working hands,They’re not the hands of some sit on her arse Russian princess.”

“I’d say you are spot on. I think we have a case of mistaken, or swapped identities.This woman’s hands show signs of hard work, and the nails aren’t as perfect as one would expect from the Russian and Italian elite.” Matt concurred.

“But why swap? and it has to be a swap if the body was identified incorrectly.” Pete asked.

“That’s your job,” Matt turned the question back to Pete. “Perhaps someone needed to disappear.”

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   Please check back again soon for an update to ‘Pete’s story’ ….


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!!! NOTICE !!!

Writey Ho may be online less than usual
over the next FIVE days

Family Vacation time.

If time allows there may be an update
if not we’ll see you next week when Pete’s story will continue

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Part EIGHT can be found here:SWIM

Once they got back to their own office Josh an d Pete set to work. It was by now late into the evening, but neither of them wanted to lose a moment in chasing down the people who had drugged and set up Pete.

“So what do we know about this Svetlana you were in bed with?” Josh asked.

“Not much. Russian national married to an Italian national, both families on the far side of dodgy, with connections in high places, but neither of the families were under investigation by us on any level, so not sure how they fit in.” Pete gave a brief synopsis of what he knew, which wasn’t much.

“She can’t have been a coincidental death. Perhaps enemies of her family were responsible for topping her and perhaps you were in their territory sniffing around -two birds wit hone stone.” Josh suggested.

“Huge leaps of faith in there again.” Pete shook his head. “Has the body been released yet? and what did the PM show?”

Josh picked up the phone and called down to the mortuary. after a short conversation he hung up and turned to Pete. “The body was released by some official from the Embassy less than an hour ago. Matt was a bit suspicious as the same person who called in the missing persons report also identified the body and took it away. No family involved or anything.”

“Cause of death?” Pete asked.

“High Octane Overdose.” Josh told him. “New stuff recently hitting the streets from Europe. Strong and deadly, but what all the cool kids are after. Makes Meth look like aspirin. I think we have our first lead. Matt said that the Drug Squad was all over this recently.”

“Europe’s a big place,” Pete sighed. “Any intel on exactly where?”

Josh smiled. “Italy and all points east of there. It appears that it’s coming into Europe via Italy and distributed from there. Italy Pete, Italy. Let’s dig around in this Svetlana’s Italian connections and see what we can find, and maybe ‘Drugs’ have some kind of route through Europe as to how it’s getting here.”

Pete had been absentmindedly sifting through the photos he had taken at the scene when something caught his interest. “What say you chase that down with ‘Drugs’ I think I may hava another telling lead here in hte photos, but don’t want to get carried away too quickly yet.” Saying this he jumped up and grabbed his jacket.

“I can do that,” Josh replied, “But where are you off to?”

Pete tapped his nose. “I’ll be back within the hour,” he said and shut the door behind him as he left.

09 - Europe

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Part SEVEN can be found here:BIRTH

“So why would someone have gone to all the trouble of setting you up in such an elaborate scenario? Why not just plant drugs on you after they’d drugged you? That would have been much more believable. It really looks like you’ve pissed someopne off, they really don’t like you.” Taylor had listened to Pete’s story and flicked through the photos he had taken of the scene. From where Pete was sitting it was beginning to look like Taylor wasn’t convinced of Pete’s innocence. Pete wondered if he had done the right thing after all.

Josh pitched in once again. having already explained about the blood and urine samples he reiterated that they were proof of Pete’s innocence. “Besides, Guv, Pete in bed with a gorgeous blond bird, come on we all know which team he bats for and that is just so unbelievable.”

Peter coloured a little at the reference to his sexuality. Although he was at ease with being the only out gay member of the serious crime squad he still felt slightly uncomfortable whenever it became a subject of conversation, discussion or even jokes.

“I guess I know you two well enough to trust you both. In as much as anyone can know another person. And I guess that could mean that I’m being a bit gullible here.
I also know that the top brass will have my cojones if we screw up this case, especially if it is known that I did nothing about what you have just told me.” Taylor steepled his fingers and rested his elbows on teh desk.

“Guv….” Josh interjected.

“Guv, nothing. I haven’t finished yet.” Taylor silenced him with a nod and a look. “So here’s the deal. It’s Thursday and this is a bank holiday weekend coming up. Nobody will expect the case to be solved during the next four days. However if I stay schtumm and let you two investigate, under the wire and incognito mind, I will expect answers on Tuesday, if not before.”

“And….” Pete started to say.

“And nothing, except that tis conversation never took place. I have no knowledge of what has gone on, or is about to occur, right?” Taylor looked from Pete to Josh and back again.

“Right,” they both answered.

“Although I shall expect regular updates to my personal mobile. So get out and do your jobs,” Taylor ended teh conversation. Josh and Pete were dismissed.

Pete thanked Taylor an as good as pushed Josh out through the door.

“We can crack this, mate,” Josh said as they hurried down the corridor towards the lift.

“I bloody well hope so, both our necks are on the line,” Pete replied pushing the lift call button. “This really is sink or swim….”

08 -sink or swim

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Part SIX can be found here: ILLUMINATE

Pete was about to tell the story of how he was involved, albeit as a pawn in someone’s game, in the death of the Russian woman he had found himself in bed with that morning; the woman he now believed to be  Svetlana Pajari-Abbiati.

Meanwhile several floors below in the same building a high ranking official from the Russian Embassy was about to formally identify the body and ask for its release for immediate transportation to Moscow and burial. To this point the identification had been at a distance and as a result of a missing person’s report filed by the same official.

Way on the other side of the city another woman was preparing to give birth to a son. Her labour contractions had begun earlier that morning and her waters had broken just an hour or so ago.  The complicated dance of life and death was being played out  in the City that evening.

All these apparently  separate events were closely linked, but it would take some time for anyone to unravel the mystery and join the dots. Until this was done Pete’s career and maybe his life were in jeopardy.

07 Birth

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Part FIVE can be found here: Partial

Just as Pete was thinking that his day couldn’t get any worse the phone rang again. Picking it up he saw the number was his boss’s direct line. As he considered whether or not to answer he thought it could only be bad news. His first thought was that the partial fingerprint must have been identified.

With his heart beating wildly and all manner of thoughts banging round in his head Pete flicked the screen to answer the call. “Guv,” was all he said.

“You heard?” his boss replied just as succinctly.

“About?” Pete kept the call to it’s monosyllabic path.

“New case. We’ve got a loaded dead Russian on our hands and pressure to solve it,” His boss told him what he already knew and guessed.

“Uhu,” Pete as good as grunted.

“And we’re calling everyone in to help. Sorry Pete I know you had a couple of days booked off, and if I’m not wrong I’m betting you’re a bit hungover, but we need all the manpower we can get to work on this one. So I’ll see you here within the hour. ”

“Guv,” Pete ended the call as he had started it. Hitting another couple of keys he redialled.

“I’ve been called in,” he said when Josh answered.

“I know. I just found out everyone’s leave has just been cancelled until this one is solved.”  Josh told him.

“What do I do? Should I fess up?” Pete was worried. He had an idea that revealing his involvement in the case might be better than trying to hide it.

“IT could be in your favour, or it could see you crash and burn,” Josh admitted.  “However, I have got your blood and pee results back.”

“And?” Pete asked desperately.

“And you were drugged, mate, just as we suspected. You would have been out of it. It wasn’t a low dose by the looks of it. Hang on I’m not far away I’ll drop by and if you decide to go in I’ll take you.” Josh hung up.

Pete felt relief knowing that he had been drugged yet panicked by his call back to duty. He was torn between telling the truth and hoping that he had his boss’s trust and winging it and seeing what happened, or how long he could hold out.  While he waited for Josh to arrive he looked through the photos he had printed off one more time.

As soon as Josh arrived Pete told him what he had decided. He had chosen to tell his boss the whole story and hope that he would be lenient and trust him. “But I’ll not let on that you’ve had any involvement at all,” he told Josh as he sat in the armchair opposite the sofa.

“You sure about this, mate?” Josh asked.

“If I don’t come clean it’ll be worse in the long run. I’m innocent, completely innocent, and I want to trust the system. Taylor will know there’s no way I’d have picked up the blond and took her anyplace for sex, or anything” he said referring to his boss.

“It could get hairy, but I think you’re doing the right thing too,” Josh said, “And we already know you were drugged, so my part in this is necessary too for chain of evidence, and you’ve got the first photos from the scene.  If Taylor finds out later down the line that you’ve not been straight with him, no pun intended, then  the shit will really hit the fan. I’m right behind you, again no pun intended. ” Josh smiled and winked as Pete gathered up the photos and dropped them in a large envelope he had found on his sister’s desk.

“Let’s go do this then,” Pete said standing.

Less than forty minutes later they were outside Taylor’s office.  Pete knocked and opened the door.

“Guv, something to tell you.” Pete said.

“Thanks for coming in. What is it?” Taylor asked, nodding for Pete and Josh to come in and take a seat.

“I think I have something that may illuminate the case,” Pete said and dropped the envelope of photos on his boss’s desk.

06 -illuminate


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Part FOUR can be found here: Wealth 

During the three hours since Josh had left with Pete’s samples Pete had been trying to piece together what he could remember of the previous night, and to pull together whatever clues he could from the photos he had taken at the scene. He had printed them off on his sister’s printer earlier and now had them all spread out on the coffee table in front of him. They weren’t the best quality prints but at least he had something to keep his mind busy. Unfortunately not much was pulling together. Instead his headache seemed to be getting worse and he was getting more and more frustrated and angry. He grabbed the bottle of mineral water and chugged some down willing both his headache to go away and the phone to ring with news from Josh.  Neither wish was fulfilled. Pushing the photos aside he settled down on the sofa and despite himself gradually dozed off to the sound of the neighbours arguing in the flat next door.

Pete wasn’t sure how long he had slept but when the shrill ring of his mobile’s ringtone woke him it was starting to get dark. He grabbed his phone off the coffee table and flicked the screen to answer, having seen it was Josh on the other end. “What news?” he asked.

“Firstly the good news. We now know who she was.” Josh told him. “And my hunch was right she was in fact part of a strong Russian family. However the family had hit hard times a little while back. Her name was Svetlana Pajari-Abbiati.  The second part of her surname is Italian, and that’s where the money came from. She was married to one of the least known, yet most powerful men in Southern Italy. It seems she was in London alone on a shopping trip. Normally she would have had a bodyguard in tow at all times. He was found just now in a burnt out car with a bullet hole in his temple.”

“Hell,” was all Pete could say.

“I’d say you have been set up big time. Homicide and Serious crimes are going to be working this one together by the looks of it, which means you could be called in at any moment. But that’s not all.  The techs found several partial prints, as yet unidentified, at the scene, which pretty much have to be yours. It seems they’re crap partials so you’re not in the picture yet.” Josh took a deep breath.

“And the good news?” Pete asked.

“Well…..” Josh began slowly. “All indications are that she had had sex shortly before being topped.”

“Semen?” Pete asked.

“Yep. As yet it hasn’t been identified, but it is from two different DNA sources.” Josh let the latest news sink in.

“A threesome? Shit…. Hell…. I couldn’t have. …Oh my god…, could I?” Pete was reeling from the latest piece of information he had been delivered. “The partial prints will be nothing if that spunk leads back to me.”

“Hold in there. I’m keeping tabs on everything from a safe distance. Your samples are in the machine and hopefully will come back within the hour. They were sidelined slightly by these developments. I’ve got your back here and we will sort this. I’ll call again as soon as I’ve got the results.” Josh hung up.

Pete dropped his phone back on the coffee table and stared at the face of the woman he now knew to be Svetlana Pajari-Abbiati. ‘What on earth had happened,’ he wondered. ‘How on earth had he got dragged into this.’

05 -Partial


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