Another writing group prompt: 
Imagine I say the word ‘red’. Write down the first three words that come to mind.
– Now incorporate the three words in a ‘short short-story’ (250 words) prompted by the cue:
‘You are sitting at your writing station with your back to an open window. You suddenly feel a chill.
Write about it.


Reading the words I’d written I was suddenly flushed with embarrassment and shame. ‘Call myself a writer? What a load of old tosh,’ I mumbled to myself running the cursor over the paragraphs and hitting delete. I blamed my lack of inspiration on the hot summer’s night. The room was blisteringly hot and all I could think about was getting a drink. Even opening the window had done little to change the temperate.

A sudden shiver ran down my spine, chilling me. In the screen of my laptop I was sure I had seen a shadow but when I checked back over my shoulder there was no-one there. I listlessly tapped out a few more words and gradually a story came to life on the page, one I knew would be good, one that could be my best ever yet. Within moments my fingers were flying over the keys excitedly and the words were appearing on the screen almost with a life of their own. My block had gone and my story was as good as writing itself.

I breathed a sigh of relief as my hero rushed through a night as the balmy one I was struggling under. Suddenly that shill hit me again, but this time it was stronger. In my mind’s eye full red lips flashed tantalisingly. The image was so strong that I as good as felt them on my neck.

Little by little my fingers slowed on the keys of my laptop, as my hero’s story stalled, as did mine. Those lips hadn’t been just in my mind’s eye; they had grazed my neck moments before as their owner’s teeth sank into my neck and tore the bloody life force from me. My best story ever would never get any further than the pc in front of me.

22 - RED


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