Terlaine, Guardian.

The first part of this story can be found here: Terlaine 


“Guardian,”   Terlaine liked the sound of the word in his mouth. He had always thought that his sister would take the scared office ahead of him, but she had been dispatched long before her time. How well he remembered that day, and still his emotions remained mixed.

20 -Jewel box

20 -Scrolls

Kneeling beside his mother’s prone form Terlaine turned to survey the bedside table. First he touched the box. To everyone else it appeared to be just a decorative jewel box. Terlaine knew different. He knew its power and in that knowing was cautious and removed his hand, picking up instead the scroll-bearers. These, too, looked little like their true nature. For most they looked like hair-bars, but in each, tightly wrapped, was a ancient scroll. Each scroll covered with the magic that was now his. He rolled the scroll-bearers around in his hands and could feel their knowledge, a knowledge that would soon be imparted to him. First he must complete the five tasks that proved him worthy of the title of Guardian. First he must cross the bridge.

20 -The Bridge

Thanks to Melva for the photo prompts


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