Helen put down her book and listened. She could hear that song again. Last time she had tried to follow that amazing voice to its source it faded out before she had even left the room. This time she was going to try harder.

She sat up and pulled her knees to her chest and looked around her, cocking her head from side to side, just like dogs do when they hear something they are trying to locate or understand.

It didn’t sound like the song was drifting in through the window, and she hadn’t found out anything last time she had jumped up and opened the door, so she sat as still as she could and listened to the melody, trying to catch the words.

Closing her eyes she tried to imagine who might be singing such an incredibly beautiful song. It was a man’s voice, of that she was sure. She guessed he must me incredibly talented and imagined him to be extremely good looking too. She opened her eyes again and looked around the room. Her eyes lighted on the mirror and she stared at herself for a moment.

She didn’t dislike what she saw in the mirror, but nor was she blown away by her beauty. Plain was the word that came to mind. Something she accepted she was and would always be. Watery blue eyes stared back at her framed by long dark hair and a chin that was way too masculine for her liking. She closed her eyes again and lost herself in the music.

Tuning out the rest of the world she concentrated hard on the song and realised it was coming clearly from the direction of her wardrobe. How she had failed to notice that before she had no idea.

She gently slid off the bed and crept over to the wardrobe. She knelt down in front of it savouring the sound of the song. Know she pinpointed the direction from which the song was coming. It was pouring through the ventilation duct. She held her ear close to the outlet and listened some more. The words still eluded her, but the melody enchanted.

What was this beautiful song? Who was singing? and where was he? Helen had to know the answers to these questions but for now was stumped as to how to find out any of them .

18 - music


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