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The first part of Helen’s story is here: SONG

Helen sat back from the ventilation duct and let its cooling breeze and the music wash over her. This incredible music that was filling her being always made her head swim and her body feel as light as a feather. She was enchanted by it all over again. How could music do that to you she wondered. She had to find the source of this aural delight. She had to find out who could play such music so exquisitely, like a musical shaman that was calling to her join them wherever they may be.

Standing up Helen moved towards the window where the summer moon was bathing her room in a gentle light. How she loved the late evening when everything seemed muted and delectable. When the crush of the day was far away and the dark of the night just as distant.  She felt the moon held secrets she may never fathom, but right now she was sure it was telling her to follow her path, to follow the music.

Helen closed her eyes and basked in the moment of peace. She sat on her bed once more finding the comfortable hollow made by years of sleep and fell into it. Her tongue darted out and she licked her lips. It was almost as if she could taste the music, so strong was it’s presence in her room now. So strong and sensual it could almost be a sin, but one which she relished and was happy to be a part of.

With her eyes closed she imagined she could see the music and started to follow it in her mind’s eye. In her head she left her room, and then her apartment, tracing the path of the ventilation duct all the way to the basement, then followed the same path physically.

Out through her bedroom door, along the corridor to the upper landing, down the stairs. She allowed her hand to caress the banister as she descended to the main hallway. How she loved her duplex and the quiet space it was when her family were all abed. At this time of night there was no-one else awake in the apartment, but she couldn’t be sure it would be the same in the rest of the building. She slipped on a pair of pumps at her flat door, happy that she hadn’t yet got ready for sleep and was still fully dressed for whatever adventure lie ahead.

22 - moon


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Helen put down her book and listened. She could hear that song again. Last time she had tried to follow that amazing voice to its source it faded out before she had even left the room. This time she was going to try harder.

She sat up and pulled her knees to her chest and looked around her, cocking her head from side to side, just like dogs do when they hear something they are trying to locate or understand.

It didn’t sound like the song was drifting in through the window, and she hadn’t found out anything last time she had jumped up and opened the door, so she sat as still as she could and listened to the melody, trying to catch the words.

Closing her eyes she tried to imagine who might be singing such an incredibly beautiful song. It was a man’s voice, of that she was sure. She guessed he must me incredibly talented and imagined him to be extremely good looking too. She opened her eyes again and looked around the room. Her eyes lighted on the mirror and she stared at herself for a moment.

She didn’t dislike what she saw in the mirror, but nor was she blown away by her beauty. Plain was the word that came to mind. Something she accepted she was and would always be. Watery blue eyes stared back at her framed by long dark hair and a chin that was way too masculine for her liking. She closed her eyes again and lost herself in the music.

Tuning out the rest of the world she concentrated hard on the song and realised it was coming clearly from the direction of her wardrobe. How she had failed to notice that before she had no idea.

She gently slid off the bed and crept over to the wardrobe. She knelt down in front of it savouring the sound of the song. Know she pinpointed the direction from which the song was coming. It was pouring through the ventilation duct. She held her ear close to the outlet and listened some more. The words still eluded her, but the melody enchanted.

What was this beautiful song? Who was singing? and where was he? Helen had to know the answers to these questions but for now was stumped as to how to find out any of them .

18 - music

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Drunk ….

They’d drunk too much, but that didn’t matter now as his fingers traced their way back up her body. He knew how to play her and she loved it all. She was drunk on the cheap vodka they had shared and drunk on the intense feelings he was gently manipulating within her.

She moaned as he orchestrated the storm deep within her once again. She was falling and rising all at once. She was giving over the control of her body to a man she’d known for less than a few hours, and she didn’t care. This was passion, this was sublime, this was exactly what she had been looking for.  She surrendered to his touch.

Pulling at the wiry hair on his chest she traced a damp finger down the ink snake to his other. He grunted and smiled looking deep into his eyes as her fingers encircled his prized possession. She had control now. She knew just what she was doing and revelled in it.

All thoughts of what had gone on earlier in the day that led her to the bar had been banished. Now for the second time she was giving in to him, She was letting herself be taken down.

His hot breath swept past her ear as he moved in and chewed her ear, her neck, her shoulder. This was how it should be. This was right.

12 - passion - Drunk

Thanks to Michelle for today’s prompts

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The previous episode can be found here ‘Ash’ 

and the first episode here:  ‘Your Endearing Mother’

“Sad all round really,” Bryce commented. “Neighbours say she’d been attacking him for years.”

“So you think this is them?” Sergeant Pearce asked.

“More than likely. He tied her up, set the fire and put a bullet through his brain.” Bryce replied. “Final identification will be by their teeth.”

11 - Teeth

Thanks to MICHELLE for the prompt.

Here ends the Sad 50 word episode story of Roger.

Thank you for taking time to read.

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The previous episode can be found here ‘Hero’ 

and the first episode here:  ‘Your Endearing Mother’

“it wasn’t just those I burnt,” Roger pointed to the fingers on the plate, no longer sounding triumphant, but defeated.

He placed a charred box in front of Ann.

“Recognise it?” he asked.

Ann did.

“Yes: our memory box, and like our memories it’s nothing more than ash now too.”

06 Ash

Thanks to Michelle for today’s prompt.

The next Episode can be found here: Teeth


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The previous episode can be found here ‘On Top’ 

and the first episode here:  ‘Your Endearing Mother’

“You used to say that I was your hero.” Roger was in tears. “What went wrong?”

Ann stared at the plate in front of her, at her burnt fingers, wondering something similar. He’d never been her hero, just her stopgap.

Her mistake, she realised. But she could’nt tell him now.

01 - Hero

Thanks to Michelle for Today’s prompt

The next episode can be found here ASH

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