I see…

Part one of William’s story can be found here: “HELLO”

11 -I see

William awoke with a start. He looked around him and had no idea where he was. He attempted to lift his head but it hurt way too much, so he flopped back down on the pillow. For a few moments his head pounded with a headache that made him cry out. He tried to remember how he had got here, wherever here was, but couldn’t recollect anything except a vague memory of sitting under the old oak tree reading a book.

A book.

No not just a book.

Not just any book.

A book that had so captured his imagination that he had entered the pages and hungrily devoured the story inside as if it were real life.

All of a sudden a memory flashed back. He suddenly remembered a woman’s voice calling out to him. Then he remembered more. He went to the gate to find out who had called out. He had a vague memory of leaning over the gate, but that was as far as it went. He still couldn’t raise any memory of how he had got here.

From this memory flash his mind jumped straight back to the book he had been reading. He was just about to find out what happened to one of the main characters, Sol, when the voice had dragged him up from the book’s depths.

From his prone position William looked around as much as he could. It was neither dark not light.  Far off to his right he thought he could see some kind of window, or at least something that was letting light into the room. He let his arm fall off the side of the cot in which he was lying. He expected to feel a floor somewhere down there but even stretching his arm out as far as he could he could find nothing. He tried the same with his other arm. Still nothing.

He turned his head slowly to the right. In order to do this he screwed his eyes tight shut against the searing pain that throbbed behind each of his temples.  Once the throbbing in his temples calmed somewhat he opened his eyes and looked over the side of the bed. He immediately felt nauseous. The throbbing in his head started up again, and with such a vengeance, that he had to lie back down flat,  close his eyes, and hold his palms tight to his head.

Looking over the side of the bed he had seen no sign of any floor. The bed on which he was lying appeared to be suspended in mid air, yet he could see no wires, ropes or beams that could be holding it there.

“I see you.” A deep and powerful voice echoed in the darkness. “I see you.”

William closed his eyes tighter for a moment. He had no idea who the voice belonged to but the words came from the book he had been reading. The main character, Sol, had been about to steal from the Castle’s Laird when one of the Laird’s magician’s had entered the castle’s strong room and said exactly the same words to Sol. “I see you. I see you.”

William had no idea what was going on. He opened his eyes and raised himself slightly on his elbows. The pain was still pounding in his head but he wanted answers.  He was about to ask the disembodied voice where he was when the semi darkness was broken by several bright flashes in quick succession and the voice repeated those three words again – “I see you.”

Part three of William’s story can be found here: Bright



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