Hit by a car on New Year’s Day at four in the morning.

The driver was over the limit. Drunk by all accounts.

Another reveller who didn’t know when to stop.

Neither her drinking nor her car.

Thought she’d be safe to drive she claimed.

Only had a couple she claimed.

He just stepped out.

On a zebra crossing.

He’s been on life support ever since.

In a controlled coma they call it.

No movement, no sign of life.

They tell me he can probably hear everything I say.


I’ve been waiting here since then.

Plans cut short!


Nails bitten to the quick.

Worrying, crying, wondering.

I’ve got to believe in his strength.

I have nothing else.

Will he ever come round?

06 - round

Thanks to  for the prompt

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Filed under Contemporary, Drama

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