A letter, a gold coin, a bracelet.

Thanks to www.vanessacarnevale.com for today’s prompt.

05 - Letter, gold coin, bracelet

Heartbroken Ruth reread the letter. Nothing made any sense. She looked up, her face tear-stained and eyes red from crying. Gone, he really was gone. The letter explained it all.

Steven had flown off to meet his brother on the other side of the world.  He had been searching for his birth family for years and had made the breakthrough just six months before. After finding out that his birth mother had passed some years ago he thought that was the end of his search. Days later he had been thrilled to find out he had a brother, albeit a half-brother. Arrangements had been made and he had flown off just three weeks before to finally meet up. Ruth had stayed in the background, wanting Steven to find out the lay of the land before getting involved.

Crumpling the letter in her hand Ruth remembered how excited and yet understandably nervous Steven had been as she waved him off at the airport.

Steven and his ‘new’ brother, Lee had gone off to the beach for the day, the letter told her. There had been an accident, the letter told her,and Steven would never be coming home.

She tipped the padded envelope into her hand. Out fell Steven’s bracelet. It had been a present Ruth had given him on their fifth anniversary. Along with the bracelet out fell a gold coin. A doubloon Ruth remembered it was called. A gold doubloon, worth some crazy sum, but was it worth his life she wondered.

A chest of doubloons, the letter told her, rich beyond your imagination, the letter told her, but now she was alone, she knew. Steven wasn’t coming home to her. Again the tears fell as she slipped his bracelet on her wrist and flipped the coin onto the table.


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