Something Yellow

Hot or cold, thick or runny

In a pie it’s considered funny

Crumbles and pies are better smothered

Trifle needs to be smoothly covered

More please mum, dad often begs

For this pud made with milk, sugar and eggs

Poured all over his spotted dick

Never too much to make him sick

Something I love and enjoy making

A tasty addition to sweet winter baking

02 -Something yellow

Thanks to  for the prompt



Filed under humour, Lyrical or poem

2 responses to “Something Yellow

  1. Anne Elsworth

    Very clever Mark, 65 words describing something yellow and you thought of custard! I think my mind would have gone to sunflower! By the way, that jug of delicious looking custard would be perfect to cover a bowl of sliced bananas!

    • Hi Anne
      Thanks for checking out my blog, and more that that thank you for commenting. I am flattered that you think it was clever!
      Mention any colour and my mind will first go to food. Bananas and Custard what a delicious treat, and amazingly good for you. NOw there’s an ide afor dinner!

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