“You know it’s because I love you, don’t you?” he said as he turned to look at her.

Karen nodded.

He turned back and closed the door leaving Karen in the dark. A tear slipped down her cheek. She hadn’t wanted to cry while he was still in the room and show her weakness, but now the tears started to fall unabated as Karen lost herself for a moment in sobbing.

She could still feel his hands on her. The bruises  that she couldn’t see but could feel were a reminder of that. If he loved her he wouldn’t treat her so. He wouldn’t leave her blindfolded  in the dark, tied to a wooden chair. That wasn’t what love was.

‘Love’ she mused,’how many crimes are committed in the name of love?’  She had thought she had loved him, and in turn he her, but now she realised what she mistook for love was lust on her part and control on his. What a fool she had been. Now she was here in this cool dank place with no real idea of her location. She was simply being used. She was his way to money, or at least that’s what he thought.

Karen thought back to the call made to John and once again the humiliation of it all washed over her. It was John who really loved her, and she knew that right at that moment he was probably risking life and limb to get her back.

She had loved John with her usual passion, and for a while that had been returned in spades. Gradually the passion died, not from her side but from his and was replaced with another type of love, a constant caring love. Sadly Karen hadn’t seen it as that and had thought that they had fallen into a bottomless rut, and out of love. She thought that John’s love had waned and as a result she had looked elsewhere for fulfillment. Now she could see that the love she had with John was special and genuine. She hoped with all her being that there was a way back to that place, a way back to the true love of her life, a way to escape this false love, which was no love at all.


Thanks to Natalie for the ‘Love’ prompt. 



Filed under Contemporary, Thriller/Mystery

4 responses to “LOVE

  1. Michelle

    That is SO NOT where I thought it was going, Mark! Not sure if I want to know more about the ‘dark’ stuff or the romance/love part. 😉 Thank You! I enJOYed it.

  2. Re-reading this and realised I hadn’t commented!!

    It’s a great piece Mark! I’d love to read the whole story and agree with Michelle, it’s not where I thought it was going! Poor Karen 😦

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