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Thoughts from Next Year

This post is in response to the third part of Michelle’s challenge:

3. Imagine it is the final week of 2015. What does your world look like? Describe it with as much colour and image and beauty and celebration as you can – no limit to length but you may want to focus on just ONE part of your year’s achievements eg. publishing a best seller novel or finding the love of your life.

So this is my fantasy of how if will be….

Hi all, this is what’s been going on for us this year, 

As the calendar turns another page closing another year I sit here looking back over yet another glorious year enjoyed. 

The flow of visitors through our doors matched other years, and it was wonderful to see the familiar faces, and the ones that haven’t been for so long, and one or two surprises too.  We love hosting friends and family -be it for a meal, a day or for a week or so, in our cozy home and wonderful town. Thanks to everyone who managed a visit. Spending time with each and every one of you has been a pleasure. To those of you that haven’t got over here yet, don’t forget we are always open for business! Any rumours of our moving to larger premises are still just that – you all know how much we love our little place. We love each of its nooks, crannies and special places both inside and outside in the garden which incidentally is still thriving. Any bigger place would mean more cleaning etc and that just isn’t on our to do list! 

March opened the floodgates on my burgeoning career as a successful writer and author.  Book two of the cousins series was published just before World Book Day, and got some rave reviews from the faithful ‘cousins’ followers. The ‘schools tour’ for World Book Day was an amazing success with books selling out amazingly quickly at each of the schools and the amount of orders taken and fulfilled surprised and delighted me. Later this year I finally got the reply I had been hoping for. A well-known (name withheld for now) director had read book one and has petitioned for the rights to it and any sequels with the view to making the film of the book(s).  A trip to the States in the New Year with our, recently brought on board, legal team (doesn’t that sound grand) will be to draw up the final contracts. Apparently a well-known actor of similar age to me has already been rumoured to be favourite to play the part based on me.  What a laugh all of this is. 

I’ve already written book four and book three is about to be published. It’s always around this time of year that I’m stressing about the illustrations and pulling everything together. Thank goodness for Nanowrimo for keeping me focused on the initial writing stage. 

As usual Tony and I have both had ongoing health issues, but are still fighting strong and making the most of our lives. We had a great trip to London in January and of course had our usual Mediterranean cruise in September. The summer was like most others with trips here and there, and time spent with our furry family, who are also doing well, even though they are aging and that always scares me. 

So that, in a nutshell, was our year. 2016 is going to be truly amazing, I can tell, just like last year. Things are always on the up and up. I am forever grateful that I read ‘The Secret’ so long ago and started practising  within the laws of abundance and attraction. Just look where it’s got us!  

So for now -A very Happy New Year

with the usual hugs and love from Casa TulStig 




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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,100 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 35 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Thoughts from last year…

Where you slept

Your basket lies empty now, a sad reminder of where you slept.

As I fall asleep each night I gaze at your place, now empty and wanting. Your blankets lie undisturbed, except for where Cuddy has sniffed around. Twice today she visited your basket and came away with a look on her face of sadness or confusion. She misses you too. My evenings are incomplete without our cuddle on the sofa. My mornings are the same without our shared walkies. Cuddy and I retrace our usual route but we both know something is missing.

When I wake in the morning the first thing I see is your bed. For a moment I don’t remember you have gone, then as my mind and my sight clear I see the empty space and my heart lurches again.

I have such beautiful memories of our tender moments, times when you slept in my arms in the summer sunshine or  on the sofa during a winter’s afternoon. memories of the wild times when you ran like a crazy creature chasing things that weren’t there, or that I couldn’t see, chasing leaves in autumn, chasing, running, chasing.

The cats sometimes use your bed, but not at night, yet. It was always your place and they still know and respect that.

My wonderful man you will be forever in my heart, and your presence will always be in our home. I must trust that you are no longer in any pain, I must trust that you have gone to a better place, for anything else would be too wrong.

Xali, you are my star, a wondrous creature that brought us so much yet wanted so little in return. For this and so much more I thank you.


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Another story in 50 words….

Jason, the bartender, smiled slyly as he served their final drinks.

How dare she bring her new man into his bar! Had she no heart?

He had made sure they would both regret it.

Before morning they would be found stiff and cold in what had been his marriage bed.

2014-12-21 Edward Hopper_Nighthawk_Painting

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A story in just 50 words (no more, no less)

Sipping her cocktail she gave nothing away. She was as cool as Ice. Only the barman had any inkling of what was going on. He had seen her in action many a time. Daniel, her mark that night had no idea until he left the bar and missed his wallet.

2014-12-21 Edward Hopper_Nighthawk_Painting

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My Special Place – TWO

Warm and surrounded by loving fur,

where my soul settles in peace

and my mind clears at the end of a day or the week;

allowing gratitude and serenity to fill my being.

A space of calm, a space of love, a space I call home.

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My Special Place

A comforting smell of dust kicked up by previous footsteps.

A goal in mind and a sense of purpose.

Weighted down, yet feeling light-headed.

That’s my special place.

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