Adam’s journeys into himself were becoming more and more frequent, and he even wondered if maybe one day he’d stay inside, and not return to the world of responsibility and delusion.

In that physical world everyone expected something of him, wanted a part of him, even if they admitted, or even knew it they all put pressure on him. Here in his inside world deep inside himself he could just be, but that wasn’t usually why he journeyed deep inside his psyche, into this, the other world. The reason he usually journeyed inwardly was to seek support, knowledge and assistance from the other parts of him. the other Adams, the ones who came before him.

As he slipped deeper he heard his name, “Adam'” a voice quietly called, then with more urgency, “Adam!”

At first he thought it was Swallow calling him but with sudden clarity he realised that the voice was not Swallow’s at all. It was a voice outside of himself. The voice was calling him back to the outer world and not deeper into his inner one. It was a voice he knew and one that demanded attention.

Reluctantly Adam jolted back to the physical world to find Gabrielle standing over him.

“Adam, it’s time.” was all he said.




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4 responses to “INSIDE

  1. Michelle

    Aha…time for what?

  2. Michelle

    Lol….yip not going to tell you where my mind is going

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