It had been some time now since Adam had settled into his new role, yet still he wasn’t sure he was fully at ease with who he was supposed to be.

That was the crux of the matter really -the ‘supposed to be’. He had been told he had been born for this role but still down deep he had a sense that he wasn’t up to the task. He still had doubts, even after the last missions, if that is what they were, had passed without any real incident, as long as you didn’t count the loss of one of his assistants.

Adam looked out the window.  The trees on the green opposite his cottage looked just the same as they had last year, in that time before all this had begun. The road looked the same as always, as did the garden and the plants which filled it. Time, however, had moved on, Adam had moved on. He was different now. He was…well, just different. The sun was shining and the birds were singing their dawn chorus, albeit a little late today, and to the untrained observer everything looked right with the world.

Adam knew different.

How long had he been sitting there now he wondered? His back was aching from lack of movement and his eyes felt gritty from lack of sleep, but he knew he could sit her for all eternity if that’s what was needed.  But he still wasn’t sure what he was doing was right. Inactivity felt right, but yet so wrong. He closed his eyes. He couldn’t sleep but at least he could shut out the world for a moment of internal cleansing.  Breathing deeply he went inside himself. Slowly, slowly he no longer was part of his surroundings. he was simply himself, his inner self, and as he detached from the world of touch, sight and feeling he entered the other, the one he was trying to come to terms with. Here time was different, time was infinite and minute, time was his.

20.06 time


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