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Neither Gabrielle nor Adam moved or said anything.

“It’s the retro-obluctation … ” Matthew began.

“We know very well what it is. What I’m wondering is how you found out about it.” Adam interrupted.

“I’m not sure, but I think I got caught up in it when I was allowed entry into your site. The connection between the two seems quite obvious. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think your site even exists yet.” Matthew looked in turn at Adam and then at Gabrielle.

“What makes you think that?” Gabrielle asked.

“Well if it did there would be some kind of trace of it, like I said, but if it was set up in the future, somehow hypothetically of course, then it wouldn’t have a trace in our time, but if the Rose is unstable and allowed a slippage then it may have been her for a moment, which is when I accessed it before it disappeared back into the future.”  Matthew allowed himself a smile. he as sure he had worked out what had happened.

“Just supposing that is true, no matter how impossible it sounds, what possible consequence could it have for any of us?” Gabrielle asked. Adam was content to sit this one out for the time being. He may be the Guardian of Time, but he still didn’t get all the technical stuff.

“It could be the end of us all.” Matthew stated simply. “But I don’t believe that you are going to let that happen, which is why you set up your website at least a hundred years from now.”

“All sounds pretty fanciful to me,” Adam stated picking up his cup and leaning back. “Sounds like some kind of Dr Who story.”

“It sure does, Mr Finch, but we all know this is reality. I have no idea who either of you are or why you are involved in this but I believe I have been dragged into this for a reason, although for the life of me I don’t know what the connection to me is.” Although Matthew was excited that he had almost certainly worked out what had happened, or was happening, he was also worried about what he was getting himself into.

“Please call me Adam. Mr Finch sound so formal,” Adam said. He nodded at Gabrielle, who stood up and moved around the table slightly towards Matthew.

Matthew started to stand but Gabrielle touched his shoulder and with a little pressure gently forced him to sit again.  Matthew looked up and over his shoulder at Gabrielle and for a moment could have sworn he had seen some kind of strange light surrounding him. “What…?” he started to ask.

“Matthew, we mean you no ill, but we must find out what you really know and how you are connected to all of this. You have some of the facts right, but not all. I am certain you have been dragged into this, as you say, for a reason, and if you’ll permit me I am going to see if I can ascertain what that reason is. Please relax this really is nothing. I am simply going to connect with you deeply.” Having finished his short speech Gabrielle laid his other hand on Matthew’s other shoulder.  For Matthew the sensation of falling was so strong he put out his hands as a bright light enveloped him and his senses closed down.

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Adam, Matthew – back story

Adam’s story and Matthew’s story started out as separate tales which have coalesced into one tale of larger proportions.

I started Adam’s tale a long while back, in may 2013, (Paper)  having no idea where it was going, or even that it was going to be a series, and still am just a passenger on the journey journalling the tale. Matthew’s tale started more recently in ‘Letter‘.

Their stories are now inextricably linked. I have had a glimpse into what lies in store for them both, but the whole story is still not fully formed.

Unfortunately (or fortunately)  I am taking a break at the end of the week for a couple of weeks, but tomorrow their story will continue, and come to some kind of conclusion on my return.


Thank you for your interest – I hope you enjoy the rest of the journey with us.

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“Martin,” Adam extended his hand as he came into the kitchen.

“Matthew,” Matthew replied taking hold of Adam’s outstretched hand and giving it a firm shake.

“Sorry, I know, Matthew.  So has Gabrielle looked after you well?” Adam asked

“Er, well yes,” Matthew replied sitting back down. His nerves were to the fore and he tried to rein them in

“Good. So just what is it you think you can do for us?” Adam asked, direct and to the point.

“Well, I came across your website by chance, as if, as if I was meant to find it.” Matthew started excitedly.

“And very resourceful that was,” Adam said taking the cup that Gabrielle was passing him as he sat opposite Matthew. As he sipped he gave Matthew the once over, and considered that it he was going to be a threat it would be one that they could handle.  He didn’t think Matthew was going to be a problem, though. He was picking up a positive energy and liked what he sensed.  Looking quickly at Gabrielle he nodded almost imperceptibly.

Gabrielle nodded back, just as imperceptibly, “Do go on,”  he told Matthew. “We are all ears.”

“Anyway, when I tried to find your site later it had disappeared. Not just been taken down, but disappeared. There really was no trace of it at all. Most websites leave a fingerprint or trace, if you like, even when they have been completely removed, but with yours there was absolutely nothing.  Nada.” Matthew stopped for a breath and a sip of his tea. Like adam had chcked him out earlier he now returned the favour.

“U-huh,” Adam nodded noncommittally.

“But it wasn’t a problem I had been so excited by finding your site in the first place I printed off what I needed and saved the rest to my tablet. What I printed off was fine but when I tried to find the saved files they too had disappeared as if they were never there. It was as if someone had been into my data and erased it, but properly erased it. Amazing.” Matthew continued.

“Anyway I had your e-mail address on the print out which is why I sent you the e-mail. But when that appeared to bounce back I was pretty miffed. I thought there was no other way to contact you, yet I needn’t have worried, need I as it seems you got hte e-mail I sent, despite appearances, and in a couple of days I got this letter from you in reply.”   Matthew fished the letter out of his bag.

Adam knew the letter well enough and didn’t need to see it again. “All this we know already.” he stated, “What I really want to know is what you can do for us, or what you want from us.”

“The Rose,” Matthew spoke just tow more words and sat back in his chair.

Adam and Gabrielle exchanged quick glances which, this time, didn’t go unnoticed by Matthew. He knew he had been right, and their furtive glances gave them away. Looking across the table at them both he wondered who would make the first move.

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“He’s here,” Gabrielle told Adam.

“He? Who?” Adam asked. He always felt a little disoriented when he came up from one of his sojourns inside.

“Matthew,” Gabrielle was a man of few words.

“Matthew?” Adam repeated with adjusted inflection to show it was a question.

“The letter writer, to whom you responded despite our best judgement.” Gabrielle Took Adam’s hand and smiled.

A moment passed as Gabrielle transferred what he knew about Matthew directly to Adam.  Adam still found this manner of gaining knowledge quite disturbing despite trying to accept it for what it was, another of his advanced skills. He was now up to speed on his visitor.

“He shouldn’t be here,”  Adam stated.

“I know,” Gabrielle spread his arms in the world-known gesture signifying ‘by what can I do’.

“Where is he, now?” Adam wanted to know.

“In the kitchen. I’ve given him tea.” Gabrielle started to move back towards the door.

“Can’t we just get rid of him?” Adam asked, whilst all along knowing the answer.

“It’s not an option. He knows too much. Not just anyone could have found that website. I think we might just need him.” Gabrielle took hold of the door handle and waited.

“So many stories coming together. Threads joining. Do you really think he will be able to help us make sense of it?” Adam asked getting the customary tow-shoulder shrug from Gabrielle.

“I thought we were supposed to be special beings. When this all started I thought of someone like Dr Who, but it’s not like that in real life is it?” Adam stood and moved to join Gabrielle at the door. “I guess I started this ball rolling for some greater reason so let’s go see what he has to offer.”

Gabrielle opened the door for Adam allowing him to pass. He still thought that contacting Matthew in the first place had been an error, but what did he really know – after all he had chosen to join with Adam, and now had to back him up whatever the cost, just like Joanne had . He shuddered slightly as he remembered what had happened to her.



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Adam’s journeys into himself were becoming more and more frequent, and he even wondered if maybe one day he’d stay inside, and not return to the world of responsibility and delusion.

In that physical world everyone expected something of him, wanted a part of him, even if they admitted, or even knew it they all put pressure on him. Here in his inside world deep inside himself he could just be, but that wasn’t usually why he journeyed deep inside his psyche, into this, the other world. The reason he usually journeyed inwardly was to seek support, knowledge and assistance from the other parts of him. the other Adams, the ones who came before him.

As he slipped deeper he heard his name, “Adam'” a voice quietly called, then with more urgency, “Adam!”

At first he thought it was Swallow calling him but with sudden clarity he realised that the voice was not Swallow’s at all. It was a voice outside of himself. The voice was calling him back to the outer world and not deeper into his inner one. It was a voice he knew and one that demanded attention.

Reluctantly Adam jolted back to the physical world to find Gabrielle standing over him.

“Adam, it’s time.” was all he said.



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It had been some time now since Adam had settled into his new role, yet still he wasn’t sure he was fully at ease with who he was supposed to be.

That was the crux of the matter really -the ‘supposed to be’. He had been told he had been born for this role but still down deep he had a sense that he wasn’t up to the task. He still had doubts, even after the last missions, if that is what they were, had passed without any real incident, as long as you didn’t count the loss of one of his assistants.

Adam looked out the window.  The trees on the green opposite his cottage looked just the same as they had last year, in that time before all this had begun. The road looked the same as always, as did the garden and the plants which filled it. Time, however, had moved on, Adam had moved on. He was different now. He was…well, just different. The sun was shining and the birds were singing their dawn chorus, albeit a little late today, and to the untrained observer everything looked right with the world.

Adam knew different.

How long had he been sitting there now he wondered? His back was aching from lack of movement and his eyes felt gritty from lack of sleep, but he knew he could sit her for all eternity if that’s what was needed.  But he still wasn’t sure what he was doing was right. Inactivity felt right, but yet so wrong. He closed his eyes. He couldn’t sleep but at least he could shut out the world for a moment of internal cleansing.  Breathing deeply he went inside himself. Slowly, slowly he no longer was part of his surroundings. he was simply himself, his inner self, and as he detached from the world of touch, sight and feeling he entered the other, the one he was trying to come to terms with. Here time was different, time was infinite and minute, time was his.

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He knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t stop himself. It was his fixation, his obsession, his need, his desire.

Perhaps he was wrong, but what was wrong? If it felt so right how could it be wrong?

Confusion reined, rained? Could he get through this? Get over this?

Of course he could. He would. Time was a great healer.

Adam sat and waited.

The universe would provide.

He had to believe. But what…. what if he was wrong?


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