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One of a kind

Mathew’s story continues …

The previous episode can be found here:  LETTER



Mathew had always wanted to make a difference in the world. In his hand he hoped he had the start of this dream.

He was sitting on his bed, the half closed curtains creating a subdued light that Mathew felt was just right for how he felt; on the edge of something mystical and amazing. The smile had not left his face since he had picked up the mail and opened his letter earlier at breakfast.

Some months earlier he had been halfheartedly researching something on the internet for his final university paper. Whilst navigating to a site he thought might be useful another blocked him and opened a whole new world, almost literally. He wasn’t sure what he had stumbled upon and had the presence of mind to take screenshots of each page he visited.

Two days after first finding this incredible site he tried to get back into it only to be thwarted at every turn. It seemed that the pages had either disappeared or were blocking his entry to them. Either way he still had the screenshots on file so went through them again.

In the intervening days he had considered writing to the name which had come up on the screen, but after checking out the address found it didn’t actually exist. The postcode it claimed to be under was actually part of a different complex completely. Being quick of mind and knowing his way round a computer and internet system with ease Mathew hit on another plan and sent an e-mail to what he hoped was the owner’s electronic address. To start with he received error messages claiming that the address was unknown, but with patience and several adjustments it seemed he had finally managed to get an e-mail through to the desired recipient.

Clutching the letter he re-read the first lines again, which congratulated him on his ability and told him he was ‘one of a kind’.  He was more than pleased as he reread the final couple of lines of the letter inviting him to a meeting, and the final signature which simply said:

“Thank you,  Adam Finch.”  



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“What’s that you’ve got there?” Janet asked peering over Mathew’s shoulder as she joined him at the breakfast table.

“Duh,” he replied, “What’s it look like? It’s a letter, obviously.”

“Who’d be writing to you?” Janet grabbed a slice of toast and spread it with butter. “Mum, where’s the Marmite?” she shouted to her mum who was busy putting the washing out on the line.

“Look in the cupboard. Don’t be so lazy. Mum’s busy enough.” Mathew leaned back on his chair to read the letter he had just opened. It was what he had been waiting for and he hoped it contained the news he wanted.

For the next few minutes the kitchen was quiet as Janet grabbed the Marmite from the cupboard, slathered her toast with it and watched Mathew reading his letter. He was lost deep in thought as his eyes followed the words across the page.

“You didn’t answer,” Janet prompted round a mouthful of toast.

“Answer?” Mathew asked distractedly.

“Who’d write to you?” Janet took another slice of toast.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Mathew picked up his tea and stood up.

“Well are you going to share or not?” Janet was feeling a little miffed now, wanting to know what the letter said and who it was from. Letters were so rare since they had connected to the worldwide web that she was truly intrigued.

“Not,” Mathew said and left the room taking his letter and tea with him.

Seconds later he was in his room, his face split by the widest of smiles. The letter had been exactly what he had been hoping for, and contained the news he wanted. He was on his way. He was going to get out of there, and there would be no stopping him.



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Another mini -saga ( a 50 word story)


‘Gourmet Meal’ the invitation said promising nine courses of edible delights.

Dan knew it would be perfect for him being such a gourmand.

Little did he realise the huge quantities involved and was full by course four.

Course nine was way too much as Dan violently exploded before the coffee.

21 -full

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Today’s weather

“Rain, rain and more rain, ” Jo said drearirly. “Will it never end? “
Looking out of the slightly steamed window she sighed. Thoughts of her last days in southern Spain invaded her mind. Then she had dreamed of seeing more rain. Months had passed there with only the slightest of rainfalls.
Watching a drop slowly make its way down the windows pane she wondered if she would ever really settle back in her homeland.
“Enough. ” she jumped up from her window seat and grabbed her laptop. Signing in she brought up the Easyjet website. Soon she would be back in the sun. With a few quick clicks of the mouse her fate was sealed. ..

17 - weatehr raindrops

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Beautifully Ordinary

The Queen of the Five Realms sat in her castle trying to make sense of the latest news from the far lands. A messenger had arrived less than an hour ago with grave news.

She read the parchment again and shook her head. When she was a young princess she dreamed of being the all-powerful queen of the five realms, a title and position she thought of as magical. Her father before her had always seemed such a  strong man and had carried the burden of greatness with little effort, or so it appeared to the young Anicharmé. Little had she realised at the time that with great power comes great responsibility.

Anicharmé held out her hand to her guiding counsel. “Help me of wise one of my heart. I need your counsel,” she beseeched her.

Slanor, the Queen’s Guiding Counsel, awoke on her Queen’s command and smiled dreamily. “What is it you wish of me, my sister in light, my Queen of Queens?”

“Slanor, I have had terrible news from the far lands, from Adribore. He warns of ships heading our way down the Great Sea, ships of war, ships full of men who wish to conquer our lands and make us their slaves. He is riding South to join us, but fears we will be outnumbered and overrun. Slanor, I need your counsel.” Anicharmé looked forlornly out the window over her city as she awaited Slanor’s wisdom.

“It was so written, dearest Anicharmé, that these hordes would gather and try our strength, but it also written that there is one that can save us. One so beautifully ordinary that their light shines powerfully yet without blinding. One so beautifully ordinary that they need no power, no deceptions. One so beautifully ordinary that they will always uphold the right and truth. It is now that we must find this soul, and with the grace of the gods of our fathers and mothers survive this threat.” Slanor proclaimed and returned to her slumber.

“Beautifully ordinary,” Anicharmé repeated, “What a wonderful sound that has to it, what a wonderful being this soul must be, and what a challenge I now have before me to find this soul before we are overrun.” She leaned over and rang the bell-cord beside her fire hearth. Within moments one of her chamberlains entered asking what he could do for his Queen.

“Ask Sir Azinroth and Sir Bayleàn to join me in the council chamber in five moments. We have a mission for them. a mission that must save us all.” She told her as she rose to descend to the council chamber and share her news.

16 -beautifully ordinary

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Morning becomes afternoon, as afternoon becomes evening

The light fades and the day cools

Memories of a day well spent

A relaxed moment in thought

Evening becomes night

15 - evening

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I care

I care for you

I care for your love

I care, for your love means everything.

14 - care


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