This is where I relax

Eugene and Violet had just enjoyed another evening on the town. Eugene had treated Violet to yet another delicious meal in an exclusive restaurant, although he still didn’t seem to enjoy the food himself. for the first time though he suggested Violet come back to his place for a nightcap or something. violet had been waiting for this and had eagerly accepted. Everything about Eugene turned her on and she couldn’t wait to take things a step further.

They walked back to Eugene’s place arm in arm and on arrival Violet was slightly overwhelmed.  He had never really spoken much about himself or where he lived, leaving Violet to do most of the talking about her life and family, or rather lack of it. Eugene’s home was a large detached house in a road of terraced ones. It had clearly been the site of yet another terraced house in the past which had been bulldozed at some point to make way for a huge modern townhouse.  Steel and reflective glass made up most of the building, which gave nothing away of the insides, just as Eugene gave little away about himself.

The front door was up a couple of steps. Grabbing Violet’s hand Eugene led the way, unlocking the door and switching on the light in the large hallway. Violet pushed the door closed behind her as Eugene pulled her into the house.

The hallway was modern but delicately lit by electric candlelight. To the right was a large , yet strangely intimate living room, stuffed full of reproduction furniture. Eugene moved across the floor and opened a wall bar in which were displayed a huge range of bottles and glasses. He asked what Violet would like to drink and when she chose poured her a large glass, while he himself had nothing. He sat beside her on the reproduction antique sofa and caressed her neck.

The drink soon took effect, making Violet even more malleable under Eugene’s hot embrace. She had already dropped her coat over a chair on the way in. With his breath hot on Violet’s neck Eugene began to unbutton her blouse.  “You know what I want?” he whispered.

“What we both want,” She replied. “Should we go upstairs?” Violet tried to get up but Eugene held her firmly against the sofa.

“But, my darling, this is where I like to relax,” he said as he leaned back  smiling slightly

Too late Violet spotted Eugene’s impossibly large teeth as he moved back towards her neck and found her jugular in a well-practised action.


23 -where i relax



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3 responses to “This is where I relax

  1. Michelle

    Oh wow I did not see that coming …..very surprised, awesome

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