Funny but true:

Jim and John were holidaying with their friends Tony and Mark in the small town of Sitges some years ago. They were told that a friend of theirs had opened a new bar which they were keen to visit. They got the address and number (number seven) and decided they would pay him a visit that night.

IT was the 1990’s and dress-codes were all the rage. Dressed in customary leather jackets, ripped denim jeans and checked shirts they made their way down the street and pushing the door to number seven open wide they filed in.  It wasn’t quite what they had expected. The front door to number seven lead straight into someone’s living room, and sitting there were a middle aged Spanish family watching the television.  Without saying a word the four lads reversed back out the door seemingly unnoticed by the family who were engrossed in their ‘telenovella’. Back in the street they checked the address, amidst gales of laughter, only to find the bar they were looking for was one street further along the seafront.

21 - Funny



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2 responses to “Funny

  1. Michelle

    Lol…..well that definitely is a funny tale to tell, definitely made me laugh

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