‘What is peace? Where can it be found? Is peace external or internal? What do you need to do to find peace?’

Sam looked at the questions and pondered her answers. It was the first day of her psychology course and already she was feeling the strain. She looked round the room and saw the rest of her new classmates scribbling furiously. Did they have the answers she wondered and thought not. If she was going to do this course and do it well she had to do it her way.

She looked out hte window at the small courtyard outside. IT was early spring and the trees were coming into bloom. AS the wind gently blew through the delicate branches of the trees a few of the blossoms fell lazily to the floor below. Surveying the scene Sam took in the blossoms along with the spring flowers that were pushing upwards towards the hazy sunlight. To Sam this picture oozed peace, a peace that could not be captured in words alone.

Sam absorbed the peace from outside the window and returning her gaze indoors ¡she noticed the tutor watching her. He smiled almost knowingly and nodded at her.

Sam’s confidence grew from this brief interchange. She had seen the peace and would not capture it with her words on paper. Her tutor had seen this and nodded. Sam no longer felt any strain. She was at peace with herself, her tutor and the course on which she was embarking.

20 - peace



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2 responses to “Peace

  1. Michelle

    Oh very smart Sam…

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