My Drink

“She put something in my drink,” I shouted, but no one listened.

“She put something….” I tried again, but still no one listened, or perhaps it was just that no-one heard me. 

We had been talking at the bar of this amazing new club I’d just found. It was called “Magick Rulz”. I’d seen an ad for it on a social network site and was walking distance from my flat I decided to give it a go. 

When I arrived I was met by one of the hostesses. Nothing sleazy mind, she was just there to tell me about he club rules and introduce me to some other members should I decide to join up. The first thing she did though was take me to teh bar and arrange an account with the barman.  I ordered a beer and she had the same.

We were talking for some time before she pointed out another new member on the other side of the room. As I looked away I thought she slipped something into my beer, but she didn’t seem the type to do that so I drank up anyway.

Moments later I had the strangest feeling that I was falling and that the room was moving away from me. That’s when I started shouting, but the rest of the room didn’t seem to notice me or my predicament.

I looked up to where my hostess was standing, now towering above me. She was smiling and waving a finger in my direction as if saying ‘No,No.No’.  Gradually that finger came closer and I was carried away to another place… Now I knew the place was called “Magick Rulz” but this was crazy….

15 - My drink



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2 responses to “My Drink

  1. Michelle

    Oh ….okay so where to next….

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