“There’s no such thing,” Josh said to Samantha as he passed her a glass of wine.

“Now that is so uncomplimentary,” She replied.

“What do you mean?” Josh questioned.

“Well you’re supposed to think I am,” Samantha laid her head against the back of the sofa nd did her best to look seductive.

“Ahh, hoist by my own petard,” Josh slipped don onto the sofa beside her and kissed her arm gently.

“Mmm, don’t stop,” Samantha purred.

So he didn’t. Deliberately and gently at first Josh covered Samantha’s body in swirls of wine kisses as he leisurely undressed her and dropped his clothes in a pile by the sofa with hers.

Slowly he pulled her down on top of him and then pushed her to heights she could only imagine before she met him.

Later as they lie together on the sofa in an afterglow of love Josh whispered, “That, my darling, was perfection. Together we are.”

13 - Perfect



Filed under Adult, Contemporary

2 responses to “Perfect

  1. Michelle

    Oo I like it….perfection together…..nice x

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