Swearing about having promised himself to tidy out the cupboards a thousand times Simon leaned deeper in to try and find the exact utensil he was looking for.  The ingredients for the special cake sitting on top of the work surface forgotten for the time being.

As he leaned further into the cupboard he spotted a dish he’d forgotten he’d even owned, let alone used at any time.  “I must drag that out and make use of that soon,” he said, knowing full well that it would sit there for another unmeasured length of tiem before he found it again and though the same.

“What the….,” he suddenly said, spotting a hole at the back of the cupboard. He leaned in even more. If anyone had come into the kitchen at that moment they would only have seen his thighs and feet sticking out.

Balancing slightly precariously on one elbow he used his other hand to stick an investigative finger in the hole. Wiggling it around he made the hole slightly bigger.

“Damn and blast, that’s going to need repairing,” he said as he pulled his finger out.

Once his finger was out of the hole he noticed that there was a dim light shining from the hole he had made, or increased. Now his curiosity was piqued. He needed to know where that light was coming from.

Shuffling his body around the plates and dishes in the cupboard he squeezed in even further until his head was touching the back wall. He lined his eye up with the hole and spied through it.  “So that’s where all the missing things have gone,” he said quietly as he looked on an amazing scene. “Very Narnia,” he added. “So looks like I’m going to get my Alice moment after all,” he quietly whispered referring to the girl who visited her own wonderland.

08 -Utensil

Want to find out what happens next  – click here MAGIC



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5 responses to “Utensil

  1. Michelle

    Ah…never expected that from this prompt…nice

  2. Jane Tullett

    Oh please carry on with this tale I feel it could go far !

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