Peter loved to jump in the puddles, splashing the water all around as he did so.

Walking in the rain with his dog, Barnaby, was such fun. Splash, stamp, splash, jump.

He may have been  fifty-three, but that didn’t mean his childhood had to be over.

Some called him childish, others childlike. Some said he had lost a few marbles and was living entering his second childhood.

Whatever,  for Peter none of that mattered. He just was, and had no intention of letting that spark of the child within fade.

For what is life without fun?

04 -Childhood



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8 responses to “Childhood

  1. I like Peter. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Jane Tullett

    I always play in the puddles and the mud when I’m out walking , it’s such fun , I don’t know why people stop doing that just because they are grown ups ?!!

  3. Jane Tullett

    I quite often giggle to myself about that day x

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