When it cracked open I could see

This is chapter six of Steve’s Story

Chapter Five can be found here: Rescue


In the seconds after the blast from the car the forest returned to its natural silent state. It was almost as if it were holding its breath waiting to see what would happen next. 

As their sense returned, after the blast that had thrown them to the forest floor, Steve began to realise just how cold it was. The snow around the car had been melted in concentric rings radiating outwards. Steve looked around in stunned amazement as his body started to shake from the cold and his teeth chattered in chilly agreement. Looking to his right he saw John shaking himself down as he got to his feet. He nodded at Steve to do the same indicating with hand gestures that they should move towards the cabin and get inside. He hugged himself in a charade-like manner which suggested to Steve that he could see just how cold Steve was and that getting inside might warm them both.  John was dressed well for the weather whereas Steve was not at all. Not only was he poorly dressed for the freezing conditions his clothes were now soaked through from contact with the snow and ice.

Inside the cabin Steve thought he recognised it as the place of his recent incarceration, flooding his mind with memories of the hours spent in the darkened room. He was well aware that he hadn’t been held in the comfort of this cozy living room, but in the basement below. His hands were still in the cuffs reminding even more of his recent predicament.  Now he was free he wanted his hands free too. He shook them angrily as he looked around for something to warm him up.

John grabbed a blanket off the sofa and threw it round Steve’s shoulders. “I think there’s a hacksaw back there somewhere,” he said as he moved towards a door at the back of the cabin. “And there should be some dry clothes upstairs that will fit you.”

Steve had many unanswered questions for John. “Who are these people? What do they want? Where are we exactly? and howow on earth did I get dragged into this?” The words tumbled from his lips rapidly. When John had explained the situation to him what felt like an age ago he hadn’t taken on the full seriousness of what was going on.

With his hand on the handle to the door and the kitchen beyond John suddenly stopped short as the sound of breaking glass filtered through to them both. He lifted a finger to his mouth to indicate to Steve that they be quiet, should Steve really have needed telling.

Steve moved to beside the door as John opened it a fraction. Despite the gloom on the other side, when it cracked open Steve could see through to the kitchen. What he saw chilled him even further than the snow had done moments ago.

11 - when it cracked openChapter seven can be found here – Out of There



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