As it touched my lips it tasted …

Today’s prompt is from ‘JUST WRITE’

For Fatmumslim prompt writing follow link: MY TOWN

The basement was poorly lit, but there was enough light for purpose.

How I’d found my way down here was still a bit of a surprise. They say there’s a first time for everything and this year the saying was so spot on for yours truly.  My life had expanded  as I opened my heart and head to my true self.

A few days away, I had decided, to try out this new persona. Now here I was in ripped denim, white t-shirt and leather jacket, every inch the eighties clone.

I’d had a few beers for Dutch courage, well what else in this capital city of fun? The barman had suggested I check out the basement bar  later on when the place got busier, and here I was, heart in my mouth waiting for action. Twice I’d almost lost my nerve and run back upstairs, but I was still here, perched on a stool, expectant. Yet not really sure of what I was expecting. I’d been through this a thousand times in my head, but wasn’t quite sure how the reality of it all was going to work out.

A few minutes later and the swarthy, well built guy who had been eyeing me up as we sat opposite each other at the bar upstairs casually sauntered by. He smiled and nodded as if we were old friends. I smiled and nodded back, which caused him to stop. He rested his gloved hand on my knee. I felt a surge of electricity pass through every fibre of my body ending up just above where his hand had slid up my leg.  His crotch was firmly pressed against my knee now as he leaned forward. His dark brown eyes told me just what he wanted, but I was too naïve to read the message fully.

As his face loomed closer I could see every hair of his moustache as it grazed mine. He kissed me roughly thrusting his tongue forward. As it touched my lips it tasted of the dark beer he had been drinking, and moreover it tasted of man. A taste I’d been longing for, a taste I now devoured, a taste so forbidden and sinful, yet a taste so right and pleasurable. At last I felt I felt free. That’s what that taste was: freedom. Freedom from the constraints that had closeted me for too long. Freedom to be myself. I had tasted freedom and no more would I live a lie.


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