January Promise

Over the last few months I’ve been using prompts from another blog to inspire my writing.  although these prompts are supposed for photography inspiration most of the time they work just as well to get my muse in action for pieces of writing, or indeed in some cases chapters for longer stories.

A lot of the time I have managed to write daily following these prompts, but often life just gets in the way. That is exactly what happened during December. First of all my mother-in-law died and a few days later we had to have our beloved dog, Xali, put to sleep. During this time I found it hard to come up with any words to fill the pages of my blog that weren’t filled with my sadness, and often as I wrote I decided to keep the pieces to myself.  Christmas is not a time for sharing sadness, or that’s what I felt.

In January I intend to  write, write , write and will be following the same webpage’s prompts which come from  Chantelle’s blog and/or the prompts set as part of a month-long  Facebook event ‘Just Write’ as set up by the lovely Michelle.

fatmumslim - jan 2013

The ‘Fatmumslim’ prompts for January

Do you like writing as much as me?  – Perhaps you’d like to write along the same lines – if you do decide to join in let me know with a link in the comments and I’ll feature your writing on here too.


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