Apologies to everyone waiting for story updates or for new short stories, but at the moment I am up to my elbows in the sequel to my first children’s book ‘The Quest for the Magic key’, which I am hoping will be published before the end of the month (watch this space for updates!)

Last year I wrote ‘The Quest for the Magic Key’ as part of the Nanowrimo challenge. It has now been edited, proofed, re-edited, had illustrations added and been re-edited. The cover design has been finalised (more or less) today and it will all be put together for a first proof book in the next few days.  That will then be proofed and edited and finally published…. Advance orders can be made direct with me now – signed copies available!

So far in the sequel I have typed over 12,000 words (almost a quarter of the way there). The story is unfolding before my eyes. I started with a  vague idea of how the story would start and quite honestly had no real idea of where it would go. It is growing organically day by day. My characters are developing and talking to me as well as each other, and I am enjoying the ride immensely.

I shall endeavor to add a short story or update to a previous series here in the next couple of days.. in the mean time why not hit one of the buttons down the right hand side for a  random story from the archives…

Thanks for your patience,





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4 responses to “Writing

  1. Thank you so much for your stories , really looking forward to the new books x

  2. Linda Mossman

    Sounds good Mark. What age group is it for? I may have to purchase 🙂
    Well done you

    • From 5 to 15, and even 15 – adult. I know of a couple of younger children who have had the pre-published daft read to them and they loved it, and there are some adults out there that are pretty excited about it too, havng read the first couple of chapters online.
      Thanks for your congrats.

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