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As soon as the girls had bought their drinks at the bar Paulette moved to one of the quiet booths towards the back of the bar, followed swiftly by Suzette.  It was still early in the evening so the place wasn’t too busy, there were just a few after-work drinkers, just like the girls. The music playing was the usual background noise that was almost so background that it was completely ignored by the regular punters.

“What is this all about?” Suzette asked once they had got comfortable and taken a sip of their drinks. “You’ve been acting strange ever since you came back out of the back room after having tried on that frock:”

“Well…” Paulette replied fishing in her coat pocket.

“Well, nothing. Come on out with it.” Suzette was not known for her patience.

“Chill, will you. Well, at least till I tell you what has got me all excited.” Paulette smiled.

“Chilling as we speak,” Suzette took another sip from her drink, and tried to ‘chill’ as Paulette had asked.

“When I got back into the back room after checking how the dress looked in the mirror I found something,” Paulette started to explain.

“Something?” Suzette repeated, interrupting Paulette’s story. “The mystery deepens.”

“If only you’d stop interrupting and let me explain..” Paulette took a quick drink.

Suzette smiled and made a zipping motion with her hand across her mouth to show that she wouldn’t say anything else.

“OK. Like I said I found something. All I did was slip my hands into the small pockets in the dress, just before I took it off, and in one of them I found an envelope.” Paulette sat back

“An envelope?” Suzette repeated.

“Enough of the parrot impersonations, Suze. You don’t have to repeat the last word of each of my sentences.” Paulette pulled a face to show her annoyance.

“Your sentences..” Suzette said and pulled a face back.

The two girls laughed. Suzette made the zipping motion again and signalled with her hands for Paulette to continue.

“So I found this envelope.” Paulette reiterated. “On the outside it was blank, but inside there was a letter.” She laid the envelope on the table between them.

“A letter?” Suzette said, mugging again for Paulette’s benefit.

“Suze, you can be the most incredible pain,” Paulette told her best friend as she sipped from her glass and slipped the envelope back towards herself. “and for that I shall end my story here.”

“Sorry,” Suzette stuck out her bottom lip and tried to look as puppy-like as possible. “Come on, tell me. You’ve dragged the story out this far, and I want to know what the letter said, and who it was from.”

Paulette looked at Suzette and smiled again. “The letter is a love letter to the owner, and designer of the dress, from a very famous, and married actor.”

“O.M.G.” was all that Suzette could think of to say.

“O.M.G. Is that it ?” Paulette laughed at her friend’s face.

“Well, O.M.G. and come on share the details.” Suzette held out her hands indicating to Paulette that she’d like to read the letter too.

“As long as you promise to keep it quiet and stop interrupting and pulling daft faces.” Paulette bargained. “We can read it together as I only scanned it before and checked the names at each end.”

“That’s a bit of a tall order, but okay.” Suzette agreed nodding.

Paulette opened the envelope and unfolded the sheet of paper inside. She laid it gently on the table before them after checking that there was no moisture from their glasses that might damage the paper.

“Dear Jeanette,” Suzette read aloud. “So you think that’s Jeanette DuBois, the designer, and if it is your dress is going to be a DuBois original. Not bad for fifty five quid. Got yourself a bargain there, Pols.”

“Shhh, don’t read aloud, and yes I am sure it is her, just read on.” Paulette put her index finger to her lips to show Suzette that she should keep her voice down.

Suzette read on, whilst Paulette read again the same letter. Looking up now and then Paulette almost giggled watching the way Suzette’s lips moved as she read the letter.

“O.M.G It has to be her, this bit here where he says..:” Suzette whispered.

“Yes, Suze, I know, now shhh.” Paulette interrupted.

The two girls read on in silence. One or two of the phrases made Paulette blush slightly. The letter writer was very forthright in his reminiscences.

As they finished reading the letter together Suzette looked up with wide-eyes. “He’s pretty explicit isn’t he. Do you really think they did that?” She asked pointing to an underlined sentence in the letter.

“I really hope so,” Paulette replied, blushing slightly again.

“Oh look at you blushing. Don’t tell me you’ve never tried.” Suzette giggled as she saw the embarrassment grow in her friend’s expression.

“Suze, please…. So have you?” Paulette asked.

“Yep, Remember Nick, the cabbie guy. Well he was very adventurous, so we just went for it and …” Suzette starting to explain.

“T.M.I. Suze,  and O.M.G, you two doing ….” Paulette rolled her eyes in mock judgement.

“Yeah, well it was a few years back. but Madame, butter wouldn’t melt, Dubois and Gary Nailer, well that’s a whole different ball game,” Suzette laughed at the pun she’d made.

“Nailer, he  sure did Suze, some ball game that must have been.” Paulette laughed too.

“Stop it. So what are you going to do?” Suzette asked.

“Do?” Paulette replied

“Yeah, with the letter. If that fell into the wrong hands it could be really damaging. Nailer’s been married to whatsherface for years, they’ve a couple of kids as well.” Suzette explained.

“I was thinking that we should just destroy it and say no more of it. Lot’s of people would get hurt if this came out.” Paulette said.

“Or….” Suzette whispered, leaving a heavy pause in the air.

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