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“Getting ready?” Adam asked. “I’ve still a bucketful of questions. Firstly, What are we supposed to be ready for? Second, is it connected to our recent jaunt to the future, and third I still don’t understand who you two are, elements? Those are just for starters.”

“All these questions can be answered, and I shall endeavour to do so…” Gabrielle, just stopped himself from ending his sentence with ‘sir’ again.

Adam poured himself another cup of tea and settled back to listen.

“The answer to your first question is slightly more involved so I’ll leave that one for now, but we will get to it momentarily because getting you ready includes explaining why we are getting ready and what for.” Taking a drink of his tea Gabrielle gave a slight nod in Joanne’s direction.

“Our actions now are guided somewhat by our ‘jaunt to the future’ as you called it. The anomaly in your future was created by a vacuum. For a period of time there was a hiatus in the guardianship. By that I mean that there as a period of time where there was no guardian. The line that had held for thousands of years was broken. Never had this happened before and as a result you were called forward to fill the breach until such a time that it could be rectified. Incidentally your performance was exemplary.” Joanne explained.

“So I was dragged into my future because the guardian of that time didn’t exist. Then as soon as he did I was bounced back. Won’t the people involved in the development of the tool notice the change?”

“Everything was all handled with time management skills that meant no-one involved will have noticed anything untoward at all.” Joanne sat back as if everything had been explained.

“So I could be bounced backwards and forwards at someone’s whim. Do I get any say in this?” Adam sounded like he was losing his usual cool manner.

“This was a one off situation, Sir,” Joanne told Adam, “There is no way it will happen again. For you to travel into the future is an anomaly in itself and under normal circumstances can’t happen. Despite your being the guardian you are not able to travel outside your own timeline, either backwards or forwards”

“So I can only travel so far forward into time where I am still alive?” Adam checked, shaking his head slightly.

“Exactly so.” Gabrielle jumped back into the conversation.  “Joanne and I however are eternal so can travel through time from start to finish, which incidentally is a term of phrase as there is no start or finish, but we can talk about that later. Let’s now get to the matter in hand; the shadow.”

“The Shadow?” Adam repeated quizzically. “Wo, wo, wo wait a minute now. This sounds like a character from Batman or something like that.”

“I said the shadow, not The Shadow, which means it is an occurrence, an abstract, not a being or thing.” Gabrielle clarified.

“No, hang on a minute, I still am not clear on you two: Can you tell me a little more? For instance if you are able to move backwards and forwards through time what am I here for?” Adam brushed some crumbs off the table absentmindedly.

“OK. We move easily through the time vortex, but your body can only move within its period of existence. This is all due to our different molecular structures. However we need a being in each time to act as  guardian of that time, I.E. you. You are like an anchor. You anchor the time and guard the vortex for the period of your life, which I’m sure you are aware is extended.” Gabrielle smiled disarmingly. “We are your assistants in your time, at your beck and call as it were.”

“Fine, so what is this all about the shadow. Lower case for each of course,” Adam said slightly sarcastically.

Joanne leaned forward as if about  give Adam an explanation but instead started to clear the table, leaving further explanation to Gabrielle while she washed and dried the dishes and generally busied herself around the kitchen.

“It’s difficult to explain clearly, but here goes,” Gabrielle began. “The shadow, as we have referred to it, is like a cloud over this time zone. It is an indication that something is going to happen that will need the guardian’s intervention. They happen regularly in each time zone and geographically all over the galaxy.”

“So why the panic over ‘getting ready’?” Adam asked.

“There isn’t a panic, but just so as you know, this shadow is darker, larger and more imposing than normal, and is another of the reasons that you were bounced back here so quickly, as you put it. Adam, I’m sorry to say that something big is coming. Something big that you are going to have to tackle, and it isn’t a foregone conclusion.”

“How can it not be a foregone conclusion? We travelled into the future. So if there is a future and we know there is because we’ve been there, so how can I not win?” Adam said almost triumphantly.

“It’s just not that easy, Adam. Time isn’t how you all see it. This is going to be a huge challenge Adam. Your life, and the life of many others depend on you getting it right.”

“No pressure then,” Adam said standing up.

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  1. I’m so getting drawn into this story .

  2. Michelle

    Oo, no pressure lol

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