Looking round the living room everything on the wall has its own story.

On the wall to my right is the Audrey Hepbern Clock. Holly Golightly with characteristic cigarette holder always getting con¡fused for one of the hands of the clock. A wedding present that took the place of an old wooden clock that was there, and fills the space so much better. It passes the minutes of the days of our lives in our  home, a home of love and happiness.

09.09 on the wall

Behind me is an abstract picture in a frame. It isn’t quite so abstract to have no form. It represents the diablos of Vilanova. it reminds us of fiestas past and present; of happy times of crazy times.

Straight ahead there is a wonderful picture of a dog, a dog that looks so much like our puppy it is incredible. The dog in the picture sits in a pose he has, flashing a hair-free belly with his head cocked listening for something, which is unlike ours as he’s now  almost completely deaf, at fourteen years old. a much loved dog and a much loved picture. 

And on the fourth wall a barometer and temperature gauge, reminding us of the weather conditions , as if we need reminding. We can just look out the door, but it is a constant reminder that we live in a hot country, a country we have s¡chosen and a country we love.

All in all the walls around me  hold stories and memories of our lived. Often people say, “If walls had ears…” well ours don’t need them they talk to us loud and clear. I’m sure they’ve heard a few things over the years. Well, to tell the truth, I know they’ve heard and seen quite a few things, and just looking at them and the things they hold remind me daily of how lucky I am. 


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