“Come on, Wayne, you’re going to love this I know you are.” Sadie pulled on Wayne’s arm to try to get him to move a little faster

“Yeah, yeah, right,” Wayne muttered, although he was intrigued to see what Sadie was dragging him to this time.

Sadie had an eye for the ridiculous, or for the different as she preferred to say, and every time she made a new discovery she insisted that Wayne tag along to witness her find. Wayne understood her need to have her findings verified, and for over ninety percent of the time he was pleased that Sadie chose him.

So far Sadie had dragged him to an incredible waterfall just on the edge of the local moors, which strangely still remained a pretty well-kept secret despite its location near to civilisation. The way the water cascaded over the rocks and caught bursts of sunlight as it fell was truly spectacular, but not quite the magical experience, at least for Wayne, that Sadie had promised.

Just a month ago Sadie had dragged Wayne into a series of caves to show him a grouping of limestone stalactites and stalagmites that really did look like bodies encased in rock. They had reported their findings to the police, just in case they were human remains, but nothing came of the discovery. It seemed the rocks were just limestone, or at least if there were bodies under the years of limescale, no-one was interested in researching any further to find out any more. The police had suggested they had had enough on their hands dealing with the current crimes and could not expend any energy in possible crimes from a previous century.

Wayne pondered what Sadie was dragging him towards. They had never gone quite so far away from the village before. It was funny how Sadie always knew the best times to call for him and how she always managed to get her own way in encouraging him to follow her on her expeditions. Today was his regularly scheduled day off and Sadie had shown up at his door early with a bag and the biggest of smiles , that she always used to get him to tag along with her.

“You’ve got nothing on , today,have you?” she had asked, like she already knew the answer.

“Well…” he had replied as a stalling mechanism.

“Well, nothing, Wayne. Come on this time you’ll really see. this time it really is magic. Come on before the day gets away with us,” Sadie had cajoled, and that was how it was that he was now trudging through long grass and bracken through a section of the moors he’d never traversed before to find out just what Sadie had come across this time.

A few minutes later Sadie stopped and offered Wayne a drink of water from a bottle in her bag. “I’ve got sandwiches if you’re hungry,” she suggested, “But I thought we might want those later,” she added closing her bag before Wayne could say either yes or no to her offer.

“Are we nearly there yet?” Wayne asked jokingly.

“Yes, we are actually” Sadie replied, a twinkle in her eye. “Just over that hill there and round the corner.” She said and set off again.

“How on earth do you find these places, Sade?” Wayne asked. “It’s not like they’re signposted.”

“I’m just kind of drawn to them. I feel a pull, and off I go. It’s just a kind of luck really,” Sadie shouted back over her shoulder.

They carried on over the hill and round the corner just as Sadie had said and then entered a small area of trees.

“Just in here,” Sadie said crossing through the trees towards a mound of earth. “Come on, and you’ll have to duck down a bit so as not to hit your head.”

“I’m right behind you,” Wayne said as Sadie slipped into a small hole in the mound of earth, disappearing from his sight, as if by magic.

“Sadie?” Wayne called after her.

“Come on Wayne. Just push through the hole like I did. you’re going to be amazed.”

Wayne did as he was told. He moved towards the hole and squeezed into it, into what he first thought was another cave Sadie had found. As his eyes adjusted to  the change in light he realised he could not have been further from the truth. This was no ordinary cave, this was something definitely man-made, or made by somebody or something.

“Wow, Sadie, what is it? This is amazing” Wayne asked as he surveyed the interior of what looked like some kind of futuristic space-ship.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Sadie told him, “But look here. This looks like some kind of ship’s log, and if I’m reading it correctly it’s been here forever.”

Wayne sidled up beside Sadie to take a look at what she had pointed out.  The numbers and icons did give the impression that the ship, or whatever it was, had been there forever.

“This is amazing,” Wayne repeated. “The words, numbers and icons suggest it’s been here forever, but they are displayed on something that is so similar to an i-pad, or tablet screen. Have you touched it?”

“Touched it?” Sadie asked, her eyes wide with wonder. “No way. I didn’t know what would happen. But now that we’re both her I suppose we could try.”

“But, like you said, we’ve no idea what might happen. Do you think we’re the first to ever have found it?” Wayne was intrigued as to what they had found but also nervous about what could happen should they touch the tablet and start something happening.

“Perhaps it’s been waiting for us.” Sadie suggested.

“Sounds a bit fanciful,  and how could something that looks like its been her forever still look like it’s from the future?”  Wayne sat down on one of the strange little seats. “Let’s have a sandwich and think. Cheese if you’ve got one” Wayne knew this was a good choice as Sadie always brought cheese sandwiches on their outings.

Sadie nodded to indicate that was the type of sandwiches she had brought.  She opened her bag and passed Wayne one, taking another out for herself at the same time. She too sat on one of the funny little chairs and looked around her as she chewed thoughtfully.

For a while neither of them said anything, they simply ate in silence marvelling at what they had found.

As Wayne finished his last mouthful he smiled at Sadie. “As I see it we’ve got two choices. One: we touch this notepad thingy and see what happens, or Two: we go tell the authorities what we’ve found and hand over the whole thing to them.”

“I vote option one,” Sadie said. “I don’t want to hand over our ship to some clinical scientists. Let’s see what happens. It may not do anything, or it may fly us to the stars. In which case I’ve another round of sandwiches for our tea.” She smiled an winked at Wayne.

“And if it whisks us off to a galaxy far far away what will Rob say?” Wayne asked. Rob was Sadie’s step-father and guardian. Since her mum’s death a couple of years previously she had no more blood relatives.

“Well, assuming he notices I’ve gone, I guess he’ll first of all wonder where his dinner is.” Sadie giggled nervously. “Besides, nothing might even happen.”

“I’d vote for number one too, although I’m half scared to death about what might happen,” Wayne said. “We really don’t know what kind of trouble we might be getting ourselves into.”

“So that’s two votes for option number one, and no abstentions- let’s do it Wayne, we’ve nothing to lose. If we don’t we could regret it forever, and regret is far more scary than fear.”

Wayne thought for a second or two more. “Okay, let’s do it together. We’ll put our hands over the tablet thing together, and press it together.”

They moved back towards the tablet and held their hands over the screen.

“On three,” Sadie said staring into Wayne’s eyes. “One, Two, Three….”

and they both pressed the tablet’s screen together….

09.05 - here forever



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  1. And what !!!!! . Another great story to leave us hanging .

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