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It was Friday, It was Sunny, It was Edna’s Wedding day. 

Even though this was the second time around for Edna, and she was considerably older than the average bride, she was still excited and nervous.

Carlos had slept in the villa where Edna’s daughters had been staying. he had spent the night with Edna’s sons-in-laws. The previous night they had arranged a low-key stag party for Carlos and had invited his fiends from all over the island. low-key had turned into hard-party, but everyone was well enough the next morning so it wasn’t considered too heavy a night.

Edna’s daughters had spent the night with her in her villa. They had had a girlie night in, watching a DVD and drinking champagne. during the week Edna’s daughters, or more specifically her eldest daughter, Lindsey, had come round to the idea of their mum remarrying. Edna could tell that at last they were both sensing Edna’s happiness and in turn were happy for her. Quietly Lindsey was still a little worried about the union that was going to take place but held her thoughts.

Edna was woken up early by the birds singing out side her window as the sun started to rise through the window to the west of her room. Lying in bed she thought about how her life had changed over the last few months. Not long ago she had been living in a two up-two down terrace house in the north of England, albeit happily enough. Now, thanks to the windfall proved by the auction sale of the old painting, she was living in luxury in a bright and delightful house in the Balearic Island s in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Although Edna had had a good life with her last husband and brought up two daughters with him she felt sure she could have just as good a life here and now with Carlos, in spite of, or even because of their age difference.

Soon after eight o’clock Edna’s daughters knocked on teh door and burst in with a breakfast tray. they had already planned to share breakfast together before the preparations started for Edna’s big day.

“Oh, I am so glad that you’re both her with me this week, and your families too,” Edna sighed, hugging her daughters to her. “It really means a lot to me.”

“Mum, there’s no way we wouldn’t have been here. We wouldn’t miss today for the world,” Liz said.

Edna looked at Lindsey.

“And I’m truly sorry for what I said last time we were here, Mum,” Lindsey added, “I was stupid to not have seen how happy you are, but you know me I can always see the niggling things too..: I just don’t want to see you get hurt”

“Better to be hurt than never to have opened your heart and loved, or been loved in return,” Edna said wisely,” Anyway that was before and this is now. let’s not talk of such things any more. I just want to say that you do know that it was Carlos who suggested the pre-nup don’t you?”

Edna grabbed the jug of orange juice and poured each of them a glass then tucked into a warm croissant. “Oh my you girls are a whizz with the microwave aren’t you?” she laughed.

After breakfast the plans for the day started to fall into place. The decorators and caterers had been busy for some time setting the scene in Edna’s garden. Lindsey and Liz helped Edna get ready after already having got themselves and their children ready.

Looking out her window Edna surveyed the scene. It looked like everything was going to be wonderful.

“Aww, Mum, you’re crying,” Liz said as she passed Edna a tissue.

“Just a little darling,” Edna replied, “I didn’t think I could ever be happy again after your dad died, and here I am with everything I could ever want.”

In the garden people had started to arrive and were taking their seats.

“It’s nearly time,” Lyndsey said, “No last minute change of heart?” she asked.

“Linds,” Liz admonished.

“Lindsey. I know what my heart wants and I’m going for it. Too often I sat back and waited. This time I am jumping in with both feet. ” Edna smiled at her daughters.

“Carlos is here,” Liz said as she saw him come round the side of the house and take his place at the front of the rows of chairs. “No looking out the window now, mum. it’d be bad luck.”

“Shall we go then,” Edna said. “Let’s not keep him waiting.”

Edna had a daughter on each arm as she walked down the aisle. In front her grandchildren were spreading flower petals. She had planned all this herself but couldn’t believe how magical everything was.

Carlos’s parents were Catholic by religion and had wanted the wedding to take place in a church, but Edna would hear nothing of it. They were offended to start with, but soon came round after their son had explained Edna’s reasoning. Edna was surprised that they hadn’t been against the wedding altogether. But they explained to her that their son’s happiness came first and that it was clear she made him very happy.

At the front of the aisle Edna’s daughters handed her over to Carlos. Liz was openly crying by this point. she was truly happy that her mum was smiling and enjoying her life again.

The Mayor of the town had come to officiate at the ceremony and explained the legal side of things first. Next Carlos spoke his vows. Both Edna and Carlos had written their own vows. Carlos began by saying his in Spanish, before switching to English.

“From the moment I met you, Edna Elizabeth, I knew I loved you. I knew I could not live without you….” Carlos vowed.

Beside him Edna felt her heart expand and her head go light as she heard his words. This really was the man of her dreams, this really was her day.


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