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This is Episode Fourteen in the ‘FEAR’ series 

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John didn’t know whether to chase after the couple he had seen, the woman of which he was sure he recognised. He was torn between waiting for the receptionist to return and following them.

After a few moments indecision John decided to follow the couple. They had gone down the side of the reception area where John knew there to be a suite of banqueting rooms. With his bag over his shoulder he found it slightly more difficult to pushe his way through the people who were milling around the reception.

“Excuse me.” And “sorry,” were the words tumbling off his tongue after almost every other step.

Turning the corner, around which the couple had disappeared, John could see no sight of either of them. He was looking down a short corridor. On one side there were three doors which John knew from previous experience and visits to the hotel that they were the toilets. On the other side the other doors were both marked private. Straight ahead were a set of double doors that lead into the banqueting suite. John rushed at the doors which lead to the toilets. Quickly throwing each one open he checked inside: first the disabled toilet, second the men’s toilet and finally the women’s. He was both relieved and frustrated to find the first two empty. When he threw the door open to the women’s toilet he rushed headlong into three women who were talking furtively and almost screamed as John came at them.

“Excuse me, I’m so sorry,” John repeated his mantra again as he reversed out the door.

Back in the corridor John wondered what was behind the doors marked private. He wasn’t sure if they would be locked or not it but decided he had to try them anyway.

The first one he tried was locked, so there was no way the couple had gone in there, unless they had had a key. The second door, although heavier to open than the other ones which lead into the toilets, opened with a bit of effort. It seemed it was fixed with a heavy duty closer. Opening the doorJohn could see that behind it was a service passageway with stairs going up to the floors above and others going down towards the garage. John guessed that the couple he was pursuing may have gone down the stairs to the garage and moved down that way, hopefully after them.

After two flights of stairs John came to another door. He grabbed the handle roughly and pulled it open. The garage was on the other side of the door. It was gloomy in there but not so dark that he could miss the two people ahead of him. The woman turned round. Even in the gloom John was still sure it was Karen’s friend, Erin. It looks like she recognised him too. She grabbed the man’s arm and dragged him aside towards a large back black van.

“Erin, is that you?” John shouted.

The woman dragged the man she was with even faster towards the black van. John could see that she was fumbling in her bag, probably looking for the keys.

“Wait, wait, Erin, stop.” John started to rush towards the couple.

As the woman opened the door to the van she dropped her bag spilling the contents onto the floor of the garage.

Crouching down she scooped up the what she ha dropped, threw it back into her bag and threw the bag onto the back seat of the van. Next she jumped into the driver’s seat. The man she was with was already buckling up in the passenger seat. Starting the engine the woman pulled the van out of the parking space and shot down the line of parked cars towards the exit. The sound of rubber screeching on the garage floor was almost deafening in the enclosed space. Within moments the van was out of John’s sight and he could do no more.

Looking to where the woman had dropped her bag beside the parked van John could see some things still on the floor. He moved over to find out what the woman had left. As he crouched down he noticed she had dropped, or left, four things: a bright red lipstick,

A matchbook, an IKEA pencil and, perhaps most important of all, a small notepad. She had clearly been in a great hurry to get away from John. John hoped that in these four things there might be a clue as to what had happened to Karen.

4 things


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The previous part of Adam’s adventure can be found here:



At the end of the meeting each of the experts was met by a personal assistant assigned to them by the US government. Each assistant was there to make sure each experts’ stay was as comfortable as possible for the duration of the project.

Leaving the meeting room Adam was met by a tall, dark-haired, suited young man.

“Professor Finch,” he said as Adam almost walked right past him.

“Sorry. Lost in thought,” Adam excused himself. In all honesty Adam had no idea he had an assistant and had no idea of the young man’s name.

“Would you like me to take you back to your hotel?” Adam’s assistant asked him, “or will you be working with Professor Olbaid this evening?”

“The hotel please,” Adam replied. He had no idea why he might be working with Professor Olbaid.

“Your car’s this way Sir,” Adams assistant said and set off down the corridor.

As Adam followed his assistant down the corridor he was wishing he could remember the young man’s name, or that someone would tell him it.

Turning the corner film they almost bumped into a petite young woman in US military uniform. “Gabrielle,” the woman greeted Adam’s assistant.

“Nice to see you again, Joanne,” Gabrielle replied as Adam thought how lucky this chance meeting had been. He now knew his assistant’s name.

During the journey back to the hotel in the car Adam asked some pertinent questions of Gabrielle about Professor Olbaid. He asked what Gabrielle thought of him and his work. Gabrielle was professionally discreet in his answers but still gave the impression that he didn’t like the professor very much.

Arriving back at the hotel it was clear the receptionists knew Adam fairly well as they greeted him by name when he arrived at the reception desk. Handing over his room key they asked if there was anything he might need. Adam told them that he was fine. The room key was nothing like Adam had seen before in any hotel in his time. It was neither a metal key nor a plastic credit card type key. The key was more like a coin on a chain. Adam had no idea how it was supposed to use it although he had clearly already used it before. It wasn’t until he arrived at the door to his room that it became clear that there was simply a contact point over which Adam had to swipe the key.

As  he went into his room he was comforted to find that it felt familiar. He moved across the room and went straight to the desk on which were a variety of papers and documents. One of the folders on the desk was marked Professor Olbaid. Adam picked this up and sat on the bed to read the contents.

Once Adam had read the full file he knew what his work with Professor Olbaid consisted of. The pair of them had been working on a specific tool to stabilise the time travel machine.

Something else that Adam noticed whilst reading the file was that the tool would have no positive effect on the Time Machine. Adam already knew that time travel was possible for he had done it without the aid of a machine just to be part of the project in his future. He had no idea how that had worked. however he was sure that the tool that he and Professor Olbaid had been working on would have the opposite effect to which it was supposed to have. It appeared that it would actually destabilise the machine.

Adam thought that if he knew the tool would have the opposite effect to what it was supposed to do then surely Professor Olbaid would know the same. Adam wondered if perhaps he had agreed to work with Professor Olbaid to design this tool as part of his guardianship. However he could not understand why Professor Olbaid would want to destabilise machine.

Adam returned to the desk and read through some more of the documents lying there. The more he read the more he realised he had been misled. It was clear Professor Olbaid was not working either with Adam, nor with the US government, in either promoting or preventing the time travel machine working.

Finally Adam concluded that either Professor Olbaid was completely misled as well or that he was working as an agent of chaos. From what he had read Adam was sure that the tool that he had been working on was dangerous to the extreme. It was much more dangerous than the project itself and indeed the tool could actually lead to the extinction of the human race and even lead to the end of the world. He could not believe how stupid he had been in working on it in the first place, and berated himself as being a no-good guardian, especially as this was his first test.

Adam knew that he had to up his game and he had to work fast. As guardian it was down to him to prevent the chaos that could be coming should Professor Olbaid’s tool be put to work. Adam had to shift the focus round to making the tool an instrument for good. How he was going to do that he wasn’t sure but he knew he was going to do it.


For the next part of Adam’s adventure:




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“Bobby has to be the cutest guy in our year,” Jenna suggested as she sat on the grass in the school field watching the game of football in which Bobby had just scored.

“Out of your league, hon,” Sandra said.

“Says who?” Jenna asked slightly miffed that Sandra could think that any of the boys in their year could be out of her league.

“He was tipped to be head boy this year,” Abbey added. “And only missed out to Jonathan DeVries because he does work for the headmaster’s wife, if you know what I mean.”

“That makes him out of my league?” Jenna asked.

“Well that, the fact that he’s ultra good looking, has a body to die for, and is amazing at all sports and sails through even the most boring of subjects like physics with top grades.” Sandra explained.

“That does not make him out of my league,” Jenna protested “That makes him hot, clever, desirable, doable and most definitely haveable.”

“Haveable? You haven’t a chance,” Sandra taunted Jenna again.

“He’s often smiled at me.” Jenna said. “I think I’d have a good chance if I went for him.”

“Okay. It’s the end of the year party in three weeks. I bet you can’t get a kiss off him by then,” Sandra laughed at her bet.

“You’re on, but aside from kissing Bobby’s beautiful lips what else is my prize?” “Jenna asked

“We’ll pay for a night out in town!” Abbey said nudging Sandra to get a grant of agreement. “But if you fail you pay.”

“Bet accepted. Just watch this space.” Jenna said.

“But it has to be a visible snog. It can’t be some quickie behind the bike shed or anything.” Sandra added.

“What bike shed?”  Abbey asked.

“Figure of speech Darling,” Sandra replied

“I knew that,” Abbey retorted.

For the next few days Jenna did everything  in her power to make sure she saw Bobby as much as possible and he her. She changed her route between classes. She spent her free period in the library, which was so unlike her, or spent time watching the school team practising depending on bobby’s timetable.

Each time she saw him, at first, she simply smiled or nodded and batted her eyelashes at him. She restyled her school uniform as much she could to try to make herself more attractive or alluring, as she thought. Sandra suggested she was simply making herself look more tarty.

After the first few days Jenna made a point of speaking to Bobby whenever their paths cross. She started by only saying ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ and gradually progressed to asking how he was what he was doing, or where he was going.

Obviously Bobby’s friends soon became aware of the new attention that Bobby was getting. Bobby was slightly embarrassed whilst being flattered at the same time. Bobby’s friends use the situation to their advantage winding Bobby up each time anything happened. They knew him better than Jenna ever could, and found her pursuance of him extremely amusing.

By the end of the first week Jenna was short she was winning the battle. Bobby was regularly smiling back at her and talking to her when their paths crossed.

At the start of the following week Jenna became a bit bolder and at lunchtime dragged her friends towards the table were Bobby and his best friend, Mitch, was sitting.

“Do you mind if we join you?” Jenna asked.

“Feel free,” Bobbie replied smiling at Jenna and giving Mitch a quick wink as they both assessed the situation.

“So, Bobby, are you going to the end of year party next week?” Sandra asked smiling over at Jenna.

“Yeah of course, everybody is going. I wouldn’t miss it. Don’t you girls know how much I like to dance? You must have missed all the best recent parties if you didn’t know that.” Bobby told them.

“You made up your mind who you’re going with?” Jenna asked coquettishly.

“I’ve a pretty good idea,” Bobby said smiling back at Jenna giving his pal, Mitch, a wink at the same time.

Jenna giggled slightly and smiled at Sandra. She felt quite sure that she had got the bet in the bag.

The day before the end of year school dance Jenna still hadn’t heard anything directly from Bobby and was wondering who he was  taking to the dance. All day at school she tried to bump into him but was unlucky. Sandra could see that her friend was quite despondent so made a point of finding Bobby’s best friend, Mitch, and asking him where Bobby was. Mitch told her that Bobby had taken the day off school to visit one of the universities that he was hoping to go to but would be at the dance next day.

“So, do you know who he’s going with?” Sandra asked Mitch.

Mitch looked slightly uncomfortable but replied, “I don’t think he has plans to go with anybody in particular, I guess he’ll just hook up when he gets there.”

Sandra reported her findings back to Jenna. She also suggested that Jenna had no chance of winning the bet. Jenna on the other hand still had her hopes held high.

Finally the evening of the party arrived. Jenna, Sandra and Abbey were all done up in their best dresses looking a million dollars, or at least that was what they thought. They arrived at the party quite early as they wanted to keep and I out for Bobby. Before going they had sneaked a small bottle of gin from Jenna’s dad’s cabinet. They were keen to make sure the party was a good one for them.

After about half an hour of the party having started Bobby, Mitch and all the other good looking guys arrived.

Soon the dance floor was heaving with everybody strutting their stuff. Jenna, Sandra and Abbey were in the thick of it keeping an eye out for Bobby. He was dancing in the middle of the floor with the rest of his friends. He was clearly quite the extrovert.

After a while Bobby and his friends stepped off the dance floor to grab a drink. Jenna decided to make a move. Giving her friends a nudge she too left the dance floor, followed quickly by Sandra and Abbey. She headed directly in Bobby’s direction.

As Jenna arrived at the bar Bobby looked round and seeing her, and said hello.

“Hi Bobby,” Jenna said moving in close. “Good to see you.” She put her arm on his shoulder moving in even closer. Sandra quickly assessed the situation and could see that Jenna had had too much of the gin.

“Jenna!” Bobby said. “I hope I haven’t given you the wrong idea.”

“And what could that be, Bobby?” Jenna drawled slightly.

Bobby extricated himself from under Jenna’s arm. “I really like you, Jenna. But, but… You’re really not my type.”

Jenna stood back looking slightly surprised. She couldn’t believe what Bobby had just told her.  Putting her hand s on her hips in a slightly aggressive manner she asked “But, but… I thought you like, if I’m not your type who is?”  She looked round at Sandra who had a huge grin on her face.

“Well…” Bobby said pulling Mitch towards him  kissing him firmly on the lips.



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The previous part of Adam’s adventure can be found here:



Adam stood at the podium to address the assembled experts. He smiled nervously and coughed to clear his throat, all the while wondering what he was going to say. ‘Look inside’ a still voice in his head told him.

“Good morning,” Adam greeted his fellow experts. “I have listened to each of the points of views expressed today with great interest. For those of you I haven’t had the chance to meet personally I would like to firstly introduce myself…”

Adam introduced himself by name and title, which surprised him a little. It seemed he was a professor of a little known area of quantum physics that had been researching time travel and instantaneous movement with space. Clearly this was where Adam’s expertise lie. As he continued to talk he realised that his particular interest in the project was the paradox dilemma.

“What you’re doing now…” Adam began again, “… what we’re doing now has immense consequences for each of us as well as for the human race as a whole. Intervention into past or future events, changing the course of the past or the future can cause the delicate balance of the present to be irrevocably warped with paradoxes that could see anyone, or indeed all of us,  cease to exist, or to even cease to have ever existed.”

Adam spoke for a few minutes more then ended his speech on what he thought was probably the mot important consideration for anyone meddling in events that had already happened or were due, or programmed to happen. “Time is not how we imagine it gentlemen. It is not linear, we cannot simply move backward and forwards within a linear projection making changes willy nilly. THe now is a jumble of past and present and stepping in or out of that could be our downfall”

As the other experts had done before him Adam stayed at the podium after he had finished to field  or answer questions.

“Professor Finch isn’t it true to say that paradoxes are simply a theoretical nonsense?” Dr Johannes from the US military suggested.

“That is certainly one point of view, Doctor,” Adam replied, “but it could just as easily be said that travel through space and time is also a theoretical nonsense. It has long been suggested that if there was any possibility of time travel why haven’t we met anyone from our future travelling back to our time?”

“An interesting if slightly facetious answer Professor Finch,” Replied the Doctor. “This point of view dogged our science throughout the twentieth and twenty first centuries. Surely now, after another hundred years of research our mindset should have changed, or at least moved along slightly?”

Adam was suddenly struck by what the Doctor had said. It seemed the meeting he was attending was taking part in the twenty second century. Incredibly Adam had travelled in space and time already. He had left his study in the United kingdom for the meeting room in the United States and moved from the second decade of the twenty first century to some time in the twenty second. For a moment or two his mind slipped  a gear as he considered what he had done involuntarily, controlled by something outside his experience.

Looking around the meeting room nothing looked that different to the time Adam lived in. He had thought that the uniforms looked slightly different when he had first appeared here, but thought that was down to his lack of knowledge about military uniforms. Looking around more carefully now he realised that the furniture was slightly different to what he was used to seeing, and that what he had first thought of as laptops were something quite different altogether.

“I’m not saying that time travel is impossible, Doctor, simply that it is something that most of us have not experienced yet:” Adam smiled disarmingly at the Doctor.

“Well be sure to let us know when you have experienced it,” one of the uniformed men cut in chuckling, nodding at Adam in what Adam thought was a conspiratorial way. “We’ll be sure to call on you to smooth out any paradoxes should the problem arise.”

Adam felt as if the man had looked inside his mind. Something had happened between them that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

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The next part of Adam’s adventure can be found here:




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The previous part of  Edna’s story is told here



It was Friday, It was Sunny, It was Edna’s Wedding day. 

Even though this was the second time around for Edna, and she was considerably older than the average bride, she was still excited and nervous.

Carlos had slept in the villa where Edna’s daughters had been staying. he had spent the night with Edna’s sons-in-laws. The previous night they had arranged a low-key stag party for Carlos and had invited his fiends from all over the island. low-key had turned into hard-party, but everyone was well enough the next morning so it wasn’t considered too heavy a night.

Edna’s daughters had spent the night with her in her villa. They had had a girlie night in, watching a DVD and drinking champagne. during the week Edna’s daughters, or more specifically her eldest daughter, Lindsey, had come round to the idea of their mum remarrying. Edna could tell that at last they were both sensing Edna’s happiness and in turn were happy for her. Quietly Lindsey was still a little worried about the union that was going to take place but held her thoughts.

Edna was woken up early by the birds singing out side her window as the sun started to rise through the window to the west of her room. Lying in bed she thought about how her life had changed over the last few months. Not long ago she had been living in a two up-two down terrace house in the north of England, albeit happily enough. Now, thanks to the windfall proved by the auction sale of the old painting, she was living in luxury in a bright and delightful house in the Balearic Island s in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Although Edna had had a good life with her last husband and brought up two daughters with him she felt sure she could have just as good a life here and now with Carlos, in spite of, or even because of their age difference.

Soon after eight o’clock Edna’s daughters knocked on teh door and burst in with a breakfast tray. they had already planned to share breakfast together before the preparations started for Edna’s big day.

“Oh, I am so glad that you’re both her with me this week, and your families too,” Edna sighed, hugging her daughters to her. “It really means a lot to me.”

“Mum, there’s no way we wouldn’t have been here. We wouldn’t miss today for the world,” Liz said.

Edna looked at Lindsey.

“And I’m truly sorry for what I said last time we were here, Mum,” Lindsey added, “I was stupid to not have seen how happy you are, but you know me I can always see the niggling things too..: I just don’t want to see you get hurt”

“Better to be hurt than never to have opened your heart and loved, or been loved in return,” Edna said wisely,” Anyway that was before and this is now. let’s not talk of such things any more. I just want to say that you do know that it was Carlos who suggested the pre-nup don’t you?”

Edna grabbed the jug of orange juice and poured each of them a glass then tucked into a warm croissant. “Oh my you girls are a whizz with the microwave aren’t you?” she laughed.

After breakfast the plans for the day started to fall into place. The decorators and caterers had been busy for some time setting the scene in Edna’s garden. Lindsey and Liz helped Edna get ready after already having got themselves and their children ready.

Looking out her window Edna surveyed the scene. It looked like everything was going to be wonderful.

“Aww, Mum, you’re crying,” Liz said as she passed Edna a tissue.

“Just a little darling,” Edna replied, “I didn’t think I could ever be happy again after your dad died, and here I am with everything I could ever want.”

In the garden people had started to arrive and were taking their seats.

“It’s nearly time,” Lyndsey said, “No last minute change of heart?” she asked.

“Linds,” Liz admonished.

“Lindsey. I know what my heart wants and I’m going for it. Too often I sat back and waited. This time I am jumping in with both feet. ” Edna smiled at her daughters.

“Carlos is here,” Liz said as she saw him come round the side of the house and take his place at the front of the rows of chairs. “No looking out the window now, mum. it’d be bad luck.”

“Shall we go then,” Edna said. “Let’s not keep him waiting.”

Edna had a daughter on each arm as she walked down the aisle. In front her grandchildren were spreading flower petals. She had planned all this herself but couldn’t believe how magical everything was.

Carlos’s parents were Catholic by religion and had wanted the wedding to take place in a church, but Edna would hear nothing of it. They were offended to start with, but soon came round after their son had explained Edna’s reasoning. Edna was surprised that they hadn’t been against the wedding altogether. But they explained to her that their son’s happiness came first and that it was clear she made him very happy.

At the front of the aisle Edna’s daughters handed her over to Carlos. Liz was openly crying by this point. she was truly happy that her mum was smiling and enjoying her life again.

The Mayor of the town had come to officiate at the ceremony and explained the legal side of things first. Next Carlos spoke his vows. Both Edna and Carlos had written their own vows. Carlos began by saying his in Spanish, before switching to English.

“From the moment I met you, Edna Elizabeth, I knew I loved you. I knew I could not live without you….” Carlos vowed.

Beside him Edna felt her heart expand and her head go light as she heard his words. This really was the man of her dreams, this really was her day.


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