This is the fourth episode of a story

the previous part of which is told here


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Another Sunday had come round and Edna’s family were back on the island visiting. As a mark of respect for Edna’s privacy they had decided to stay at a villa in the town rather than stay in Edna’s villa. At least that was what they had told Edna. She wasn’t quite so sure. She was worried that they were keeping their distance a bit because of the blazing row they had had the last time they had come to stay.  Edna knew her youngest daughter, Lindsey, had issues about her relationship, but she thought that at least Liz, her elder daughter,  was on her side.

Edna wasn’t going to allow any of that to upset her though, as this was her time, her week. She was marrying Carlos in a few days and was looking forward to both the ceremony and a wonderful day; and to spending the rest of her life with a man she cared for deeply, and who in turn cared for her as well as she could ever hope. Edna had fallen for Carlos completely and quickly and she knew he loved her just as much in return.

It was just after nine o’clock and Carlos was below in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the two of them to enjoy in bed, just as he had done for every weekend for the last few months, since he and Edna had become an item.

Edna could almost taste the delicious smells wafting up through the window. From the sounds from below and the smells Edna had guessed that Carlos was making waffles or pancakes with fresh fruit and chocolate sauce. She could also smell delicious coffee brewing. How Edna Loved lazy Sunday mornings in bed being pampered.

Edna guessed that she still had some time before Carlos appeared back in the room with the breakfast. She leaned over and picked up her latest read from her bedside table. Turning to where she had finished reading she soon got lost in the story again. The book was called ‘Edinburgh Extensions’ and wasn’t what she normally read. It was spicy and erotic, the characters were wild, free and self-indulgent, at least sexually. It was a book recommended by one of her Facebook friends. She had ordered it online and was loving it.

Edna was delighted how her world had opened up with the use of the computer. She had never even looked at one back in the UK, but Carlos had patiently taken her hand for a wander through the technological minefield. She now had friends the world over and usually spent some time Sunday mornings posting to social websites and replying to e-mails. Today she had wanted to spend time in her book and had foregone  her PC pleasures. She desperately wanted to find out what the characters in her book were getting into. Edna wanted to know if the dangerous liaison in the Bar restroom was going to materialise, or if the characters would simply go back to their spouses.

Within moments of picking up her book Edna was deeply involved in the story as it evolved, so much so that she didn’t hear Carlos come back into the room until he coughed loudly and said her name.

“Sorry darling, I was so deep into the book again,” Edna explained.

“Is no problem. I love to watching you read. I love everything you do. I love you.” Carlos pulled the tray table close to the bed and climbed in beside her, dropping his robe on the floor as he did so.

Edna licked her lips. “Oh, Carlos, you are such a sweetie. I love everything you do too. This looks and smells wonderful. Having breakfast in bed with you is one of my fave things to do on a Sunday morning” Edna said as she snuggled closer, caressing Carlos’ thigh as she did so. “But my most favourite thing to do is this.” Edna said as she lifted the sheet with a wry smile.

26 - fav eting for a sunday

The next part of Edna’s story can be found here : 



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