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Adam could hardly believe his eyes.

The place he was in appeared to be a space of pure light. Although he sensed there were walls and a floor of some kind he could not see them. He felt like he was still siting down but there didn’t appear to be any chair under him. Adam was aware of being in his earthly body but also had some sense of being a pure energy form.

In front and all round him there were several beings out of whom a radiant light shone. For a moment Adam thought that he may have died and that he and the beings around him were angels. Looking around he felt as if he instinctively knew each one of them, but could not name any of them until he suddenly recognised Swallow.

As Adam’s eyes adjusted to the strange brightness he could clearly see Swallow, but in a different form to what he had been used to. Swallow nodded back in greeting. All of a sudden Adam felt a bolt of pure and loving energy come from Swallow bolstering his confidence and making him feel even more relaxed and even, he thought, at home. Adam sensed that Swallow was encouraging him to speak.

“Although I am not sure where I am, why I am here, or how I got here, I am feeling comfortable and at peace,” Adam stated. Before he spojke he had no idea what words were going to come from his mouth, but having said them he felt they describe how he felt exactly.

“That is good and as it should be,” someone replied.

“Adam Finch, are you the Guardian?” another voice asked.

“I am,” Adam replied, now more sure of his answer than ever before, even if he didn’t exactly know of what he was a guardian he was sure he was one.

“You are, as we are. A fine answer, Adam Finch.” This time Adam recognised the speaker as Swallow. From the answer Swallow had given Adam surmised that he was in the presence of the previous guardians.

“Yet you confirmed nothing in our correspondence,” stated another of the voices.

“I had no idea who the mail was from. I didn’t know if it was friend or foe, so I took the side of caution,” Adam told the voice.

“And yet you still replied. Was that cautious?” Adam was asked.

“I decided action was better than inaction. If I did nothing no movement in my situation could have been encouraged. With action I knew that I would find out more, one way or the other, yet still not reveal my full identity.” Adam explained.

“You did well, Adam Finch, very well. There will be many times when  you are approached by those who you will not immediately know as friend or foe. To be cautious is to be prudent. To be prudent is to be wise. And as Guardian you will need to take action guided by your soul and heart as you have done this time.” one of the voices said.

“Are you ready to fully take on the mantle of Guardian. To be our next representative, and are you ready for the knowledge and to accept all that we ask of you?” Swallow asked.

“I have only been aware of my destiny for a short while, and still do not know everything about what being the guardian entails yet I care about this more than I have cared about anything in my life. I am ready. I want knowledge and accept whatever you ask of me.” Adam felt as if he were swearing a solemn oath, which in truth, he was.

He had accepted the guardianship with his words and was ready to take on the role. For once he had not hesitated in his answer. He really did care about this.

21 - I care about this

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