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Having sent his e-mail to the unknown writer Adam had a sudden panic that he may have made the wrong move. He was tempted to try to contact Swallow for reassurance, but soon calmed himself back down and decided that doing so would not be a good move and possibly counterproductive. He had taken decisive action and needed to await the outcome before doing anything else.

For the next three days the fist thing Adam did, even before showering, was check his internet mailbox. The following day he had an appointment at the employment at the office in town in the morning so didn’t check his e-mail before he left. During the day Adam had various errands to run in town, including some shopping, so didn’t get home until the early evening.

As soon as he arrived home he dropped his shopping on the kitchen table and moved straight through to the study to check his mailbox. Once he logged in he could see that he had received several e-mails during the previous night and the day. Halfway down the list he spotted one with nothing in the subject line. Once he had noticed it his heart skipped a beat. He moved the cursor over it and clicked to open.

Adam’s excited anticipation lasted a moment or two longer as he waited for the e-mail opened. As soon as it had Adam saw it was simply ‘spam’ offering him the chance of a lifetime offer to collect an inheritance from a long lost uncle in Australia that he knew did not exist. He quickly hit the ‘delete’ button and went on to check the other e-mails.

Two more days passed before Adam found another e-mail in his mailbox without a subject heading. Again Adam’s blood pressure rose slightly as he clicked to open the mail.

As soon as the e-mail opened on Adam’s Laptop there was an incandescent flash of light which temporarily blinded Adam causing him to close his eyes tight.

When he opened them the bright light was still there but it was less blinding and strangely no longer coming from his laptop. Adam was no longer in his study he was in a room of pure and complete light.

RVB de baseThe next part of Adam’s story can be found here:




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  2. Michelle

    Wow talk about anticipation …

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