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17. season

Adam read the first line of the e-mail again “Adam Finch are you the next guardian?” It looked like one of those spam e-mails ‘Adam Finch have you had an accident that wasn’t your fault, Adam Finch do you need help maintaining ..’ he thought to himself. He knew it was nothing of the sort though and in this moment of knowing a chill ran down his spine.  He hadn’t thought taht anyone but Swallow and him were aware of what was happening in his world.

He read on: ‘As the season changes so too does the guardianship. A change of an era is upon us. A change of season is upon us. For each change in the season so arrives a new bird of the season.’ 

Adam could hardly believe what he was reading.Whoever had sent this e-mail appeared to know as much about the guardianship as Adam himself knew, or maybe more.

The e-mail went on to set out the changes that Adam was already aware of. It  talked of  Swallow’s passing and  the break of a year before Adam was born. It let Adam know that the writer of the e-mail was aware of the fact that Adam had just had his thirty third birthday, which the e-mail suggested was a significant one numerically.

IT asked the question of Adam again, whether he was the new guardian. However, apart from these details it offered little more information and posed no more questions. The purpose of the e-mail was not clear. Adam had no idea why the e-mail had been sent, what the writer wanted nor what he was supposed to do next. He felt on the edge of something, yet not sure what to do.

‘Some guardian I am turning out to be,’ Adam thought. ‘Shouldn’t I havea t least one super human power? Shouldn’t I be able top decipher what someone wants from a simple e-mail?’

Despite taking a humourous approach to his dilemma the arrival of the e-mail had shaken the confidence Adam had started to feel. He felt like he was taking one leap forwards followed by a few steps backwards. One moment he was full of confidence telling himself, or at least his reflection, he was in control the next he felt like he knew nothing. He had been shaken by a simple e-mail from a knowledgeable source and wanted to know what to do next.

The e-mail was, of course, unsigned. It had no identifiable return address as far as Adam could tell. He wondered if he should try replying anyway.

Adam had no idea if the e-mail was from friend or foe. Adam believed his role of guardian would be for general good, and wondered if there might be an opposing force on the look out to thwart any efforts he made. Replying to the e-mail may expose him to anyone wishing him harm. On the other hand if the writer had information that could be beneficial to Adam not replying would be disadvantageous.

Staring at the screen Adam decided to do what every self-respecting English person would do in such a crisis. He went and put the kettle on. Whilst he watched the kettle and waited for it to boil he played over his options in his head. HE thought that a sensible approach might be to contact Swallow and ask what to do.Although this might be a good option Adam also considered that he needed to be able to solve such problems himself. After all wasn’t he supposed to be stepping up as the new guardian. He couldn’t always ask Swallow what to do, otherwise Swallow might as well as stayed put. He thought about trying to trace the ISP for the e-mail address, but guessed that it was probably hidden under layers of re-routing centres and could take a lifetime to find it, and he wasn’t that skilled with such things anyway. His only other options were to either ignore the e-mail or reply to it. 

All of a sudden the kettle started to boil and whistled to announce that it was doing so shaking Adam out of his thoughts. As he poured the water onto the teabag in his cup he made a decision.  He knew what he was going to do. He had a plan.


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The next chapter in Adam’s adventure can be found here




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  1. Michelle

    Enjoyed this yet again….oo a plan, looking forward to tomorrow

    • Thanks for following so loyally, Michelle. I am really thrilled that you are liking it.
      However, Adam’s taking a break today (well I am – It IS Sunday!) but will be back tomorrow with the next episode…

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