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From a dream to a trance to Swallow.

Just like before Adam’s thoughts focused by the symbol had taken him to the temple-like room and to Swallow who was sitting on the throne-like chair in his blue robe. Adam felt a bit of dejá-vu as his mind cleared.

“Maternal issues, Adam?” Swallow asked.

“You know me as well as I know myself.” Adam smiled. He was getting used to Swallow knowing what was in his mind, and instead of feeling invaded he felt strangely comforted..

“I’m not going anywhere yet,” Swallow addressed Adam’s worry. “I am here to help you transition. Already you are manifesting your thoughts”

“Transition?” Adam hadn’t thought of what was happening as being a transition, but could see that he was undergoing a  change. He had been a skeptical number cruncher just a few short weeks ago. Already he was a believer and open to the possibility of change and the mysticism vortex that he felt he was stepping into.

“Deep thoughts Adam;” Swallow commented.

“I am still confused and wary of what I am stepping up to. I have no idea of what I am to be a guardian. I’m just not used to this type of thing, although I am feeling more comfortable with it.” Adam explained.

“I know,” Swallow told him. “I had almost forgotten what it was like to join the line of guardians, it was such a long time ago for me. I am here to help, Adam. Make use of me and my knowledge. You are a powerful being, an amazing individual and part of an incredible story. Many things you must learn for yourself. It is better that way. Other things I can tell you.”

“How is my mother linked into this? Did she know what I was to become?” Adam had thought that his mum must have known something. It was a feeling leftover from his dream.

“Ah, you mother, my mother, mothers.” Swallow sighed. “They all know us Adam, even though at times they’d prefer not to acknowledge their knowings.”

“Are you saying my mother knew?” Adam pictured his mother busying around him when he was younger, always taking care of him, perhaps special care.

“She knew some yes, for like us she was special too. Guardian mothers are unique just like we are unique, but at the same time they are all of the same material.”

“The same soul too?” Adam asked

“A series of souls, so not quite like you, us.” Swallow stood up and passed Adam a book. Adam looked at the title of the book and wasn’t surprised to see the title was the same as that of the book that had been on the tray in his dream. “This is to you from her. From Agnes your mother. It will clear up some of your worries.”

“You said you still have no idea of what your are to be a guardian. That is not quite right, Adam. You know in your deepest soul, but you are not ready to accept. It has always been that way with all of us.”

“All of us?” Adam wanted to know more. “Since when have the guardians existed?”

“Ah. Yes we all want to know how old we really are. How old are our souls. Where we came from, and ultimately where we are going.” Swallow pointed to the book “That will give you some answers, some clues and some questions.” He then pointed to Adam’s chest, “And in there you will find the answers.”

Adam felt slightly frustrated, although in a good-natured way. “You always answer my questions with a question, or a riddle.”

Swallow waved his hands suggesting that Adam was wrong, or should know something. ” Adam, it is always best to work the answers out for your self. I am here  for the ones which you may not find.Thus it has always been and will always be”

“Can you tell me anything about the guardians that came before me?” Adam tried a slightly different tack.

“As I said before we are the most recent in a long line of Adams. My predecessor, Adam Swift, was much like I am now with you. we are all good men. There have been guardians since the very first sunrise of man, although they may not have called themselves that, and there will be guardians to the sunset of man.”

“And I am the same soul as all of those.” The thought of such a long heritage, lifetime made Adam feel immense, yet humbled all at once.

“You, we, are.” Swallow said. His face showed concern.

“Wow, that’s incredible, mind-blowing, and yet I don’t feel it. I don’t feel the ages. I still feel thirty three.” Adam whistled.

“Incredible it may be, but soon you will begin to feel the connections, soon you will enter the vortex , as you put it and it will sit comfortably with you. You have a long life ahead. we have a long time too.” Swallow was happy Adam was taking the information well.

“A long life ahead,” Adam repeated, “Will I live to a hundred and seven like you?”

“A hundred and seven,” Swallow laughed. “My tombstone. Such an easy deception. Adam I wasn’t a hundred and seven when I passed. I was three times that.”

Adam considered what Swallow had said. He quickly calculated how old Swallow had been. “You’re having me on.” he uttered through his teeth.

“I am doing nothing of the sort, Adam. I was blessed with health genes and the ability to hide my age, and, Adam, I was one of the younger Adams.”

As Adam took in what Swallow had said he felt himself receding from the temple. Moments later he was back in his study, the book from his mother clenched firmly in his hands.

“Three hundred and twenty one years old,” he said to the empty room.

13 -sunrise

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