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“There, it’s broken, my fate is sealed, let’s see what I’ve let myself in for…” Adam had broken the seal on the scroll without too much thought, now he was wary of unrolling it and finding out what his fate might be. Like most of us Adam found the idea of looking into his future scary, yet compelling.  Thee was no question that he wouldn’t read the scroll, he just needed a second to compose himself. 

‘And yet, what if this is all some big birthday joke or silly surprise?’ he wondered. Even as he thought this he knew that there was no possibility of it being true. The scroll in his hands had an energy of its own. Adam could feel something like a higher vibration emanating from it. He knew that this really was a big turning point in his life and was slightly afraid, afraid of whatever changes might be coming his way.

Standing there holding the scroll he could feel the blood rushing through his veins as his heart pumped faster than normal. He could hear it as it whooshed past his ears into his brain. He felt more alive than he had done in a long time. The changes had already started to come into effect. he had broken the seal and accepted whatever was inside on the scroll. His whole being was telling him he had stepped into his destiny.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught his reflection in the glass of the large picture window. For a moment he saw an overlying image which looked just like the man from the bench and remembered his words, ‘We are Adam. And I am, we are, the guardian’. He turned to stare directly at the glass and the image he had thought he had seen disappeared, leaving him with the impression that he had a radiant aura surrounding him. He had never seen anything like it before.

“For goodness sake man,” he told himself out loud, “Get back to the real world. You are Adam Finch, small time accountant, currently unemployed, what are you thinking?” Inside a small but strong voice answered his question. ‘That was then, this is now. We are Adam, I am the guardian.’

With his mind in some kind of knowing turmoil Adam let go of his fears and started to unravel the scroll.

As he unrolled the old paper he had a sense that he was standing in the past, present and future. He had a sense of déja-vu. His senses were heightened and as the words appeared he felt an immense calm come over him. For the first time in his life everything felt right. He felt that he was moving forward on the path that was his, on a path that was predestined.

The paper felt incredibly ancient and the writing that appeared as Adam opened the scroll looked just as old, yet was addressed to him by name. He had expected that the wording would be strangely old too, but it was oddly current, yet still inconclusive and starnge.

“Dear Adam,

You have made your choice. Your destiny is, and always was, sealed within this document. You are now the guardian. The baton has been passed to your hands for safe-keeping. During the next few months the nature of your guardianship will be revealed to you.

You are a unique Adam in a succession of Adams. You are connected through the ages to each and all of the guardians, to each and all of the Adams. Your guardianship started the day your were born, a year to the day from the departure of your previous self. You are endless and magnificent.  You are Adam, your strength is unbridled and your power limited only by your imagination.

Your purpose will be revealed clearly and precisely before your next birthday. The confusion you may feel now will clear swiftly, and answers will reveal themselves in rapid succession. You need not worry. You need do nothing except see the signs. Remain aware, your future is now.

Your only task for now is to reseal this scroll and keep it safe for your lifetime, for the day you will pass it on to the next Adam.”

It was signed simply


07 - something beginning with F



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5 responses to “SOMETHING BEGINNING WITH ‘F’ …

  1. Michelle

    Ah love it, such an empowering story…I look forward to reading more about Adams journey x

  2. An amazing story Mark , i felt the power and energy too , Great ! .x

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