Brian and I had been going out for about six months last summer when we decided to go for a picnic in the wilds of the local moor.  It was the May Day bank holiday and the weather forecasts had suggested that it would be the hottest weekend of the year so far.

On the Saturday we had done a bit of shopping and preparation for the next day. That evening we  had been to see Brad Pitt’s latest film. It was n’t really Brian’s cup of tea, but he was happy to go see it with me as a treat. I think that he was even enjoying it by the end too. After the film Brian suggested a curry at one of the local curry restaurants, that he knew really well.  It was fairly new and called the Bombay Palace, with traditional Indian restaurant decor and bhangra music playing in the background. unfortunately for me the food was a little over-spicy and did the usual trick of upsetting my tummy slightly.

IN order that we could get a fairly early start the following morning I stayed at Brian’s place for the night. What with one thing and another we didn’t get to sleep as early as planned. To be honest I think the curry had made us both feel a little spicy.

Sunday morning  was bright and sunny as promised. Brian checked the weather forecast once more on his phone to make sure that we weren’t going to be caught out. The possibility of rain was at only thirty percent so we thought we would be safe eating in the open air. Although we had had a late night the previous night we were still up fairly early.While I prepared the sandwiches and filled the picnic hamper with goodies Brian filled up the drinks cooler and loaded up his car.

BY eleven thirty we were on our way. The roads weren’t as busy as we thought they might have been what with it being a bank holiday Sunday. We made good time in getting to the car park to  nearest where we wanted to picnic on the moors. We took everything we needed from the boot of the car and set out on foot to find a  suitable place.

After walking about twenty minutes or so we found a beautiful place under a tree near one of the small streams that criss-cross the moors. Brian laid out the blanket and opened a bottle of wine. He poured us both a glass and we sat down. When I say glass I actually mean plastic cups. We both thought it would be safer to not bring glass ones considering how  clumsy we both can be.

We settled down cozily cuddled up to enjoy the sun and our drinks. after a while I brought out the food and we nibbled on the various bits and pieces we’d brought with us. Unfortunately the effects of the curry were still working through my tummy and eating just made it worse. Without getting too graphic, I had to go find somewhere private to make myself feel a little better. There were toilets in the car park, but I wasn’t sure I would get that far in time. Brian thought it was very funny and lie back laughing as I set off at a trot.

When I got back to Brian he had dozed off and was contentedly snoring in the warmth of the sun. I settled down beside him and took a mouthful of my wine. Feeling something strange and moving in my mouth I quickly spat it out again. Looking in my cup I could see that it was almost full of ants. They had obviously been attracted by the sugar in it. I was slightly horrified. Brian was in fits of laughter again, but took my cup off me and poured another, passing it to me as graciously as possible, still stifling a bout of giggles.

Now I know the expression once bitten twice shy, but I wanted to rid my mouth of the feeling and taste of the ants so took a quick gulp of the new, supposedly clean class.  Immediately I felt something hard hit my teeth and spat it out onto the grass. ‘What on Earth had been in my cup this time?’ I thought. Brian was giggling again. Bending over I looked to see what it was, and was surprised to see a ring; a diamond ring. Picking it up I turned to Brian with a  question in my expression.

“Will you Marry me?” he asked simply.

“The way you’ve been laughing at my misfortune Brian Walsh I’ve a good mind to say no,” I replied tongue in cheek. Brian’s face showed that he was crestfallen. He suddenly looked really hurt, so I quickly added, “Of course I will.Of course”

“Then you have made me a very happy man,” He said moving in for a kiss.




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2 responses to “IN MY CUP

  1. What a happy story and it made me giggle too .

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