Veronica and Angela were off to spend a weekend at a local spa hotel in a health farm complex. Thy had been given a voucher by some good friends as a Christmas present, so although they weren’t sure if it was really their thing or not they booked up and finally the weekend had arrived. During the winter they had both put on a few pounds and wondered if that was the reason for their friends’ gift, or if it was simply because they both looked like they could do wit ha bit of relaxation.

After checking in they went to their room where they were unpacking and chatting.

“Did you see the way that receptionist guy looked me over?”  Angela asked her friend as she opened her suitcase.

“Well, Ange, I did tell you that tracksuit was a little bit tight, especially, well you know” Veronica replied.

“What do you mean, a little bit tight, you don’t, oh my lore, you do don’t you, are we talking CT here?” Angie was aghast that she could have committed such a fashion faux pas.

“Exactly what I mean, Angie dear.” Veronica fell on the bed laughing.

“O.M.G. You should have been more obvious. What kind of friend are you anyway. Oh, no wonder he looked at me like that. Oh, Ronnie, what a start to the weekend.”  Angie continued.

“Don’t worry. He’s probably gone off duty by now anyway. Come on cheer up. Let’s go scope out the place before we meet Mikey.” Ronnie finished hanging up the few clothes she had brought and was ready to check out the hotels’ facilities.

“Let me just change into something else then I’ll be ready. I hope this Mikey feller is hot.” Angie laughed as she pulled her trackie bottoms off and grabbed a pair of jeans.

“He’s bound to be,” Ronnie replied, “All personal trainers are fit.”

At reception when they checked in they had been assigned a personal trainer for the weekend as part of the voucher package they had been given.  The receptionist had told them that he would meet them in the gym foyer at eight o’clock to discuss what sort of programme they wanted.

After they left their room the y, quite by chance, found one of the bars in the hotel. Sitting at one of the tables they checked out hte cocktail menu.o

“It’ all fruit juices and vegetable shakes. Not a G ad T in sight,” Ronnie announced as she passed the menu to Angie.

“Well it is a health farm,” Angie replied, “but even so I could do with a Bacardi right now, bolster up my nerves a bit. I think I’ll give it a miss for now.”

“Me too. Let’s check out the restaurant menu. We are on full board after all.” Ronnie suggested.

“Sounds like a plan, but having seen the drinks menu I’m not holding out a lot of hope.” Angie was beginning to wonder if they had done the right thing in coming to the health farm/spa after all.

Outside the main restaurant’s doors they stopped to look at the menu.

“Interesting,” Angie said, a note of sarcasm in her voice.

“Hardly loaded with carbs is it?” Ronnie pointed out.

“Looks like we will be losing quite a lot in the next day or so,” Angie said looking at her watch. “Look it’s almost eight let’s get over to the gym and meet Mikey, That might raise our spirits.”

At just after eight o’clock they were in the foyer to the gym, looking around at the equipment through the slightly tinted glass walls.

“Look over there, the cute fit guy with the shaved head. I bet that’s our man,”Ronnie smiled. “He’s coming this way, oh my down right that’s for sure, no wait he’s turned back, forgotten something I bet, but wow look at those buns. He’s gotta be ours.”

A minute or two later the personal trainer that the girls had been watching came up to them and introduced himself.

“Hi Ladies, I’m Mikey, and I’m guessing you must be Veronica and Angela.” Mikey said.

“Ronnie and Angie, we prefer,” Ronnie batted her eyelashes at Mikey flirtatiously.

“Great, so let’s get down to business.” Mikey appeared to be flirting back. He handed them both a leaflet with a suggested training plan for the following day and asked them what they thought of it.

“It looks like a lot of hard work,” Ronnie said.

“Hard is easy,” Mikey said smiling, revealing a mouthful of perfect white teeth.

“It could be,” Angie agreed, “So what time would you want us?”

“Eight o’clock sharp.” Mikey checked his watch. “Tomorrow morning of course.”

The girls agreed and left Mikey to go back to the restaurant for dinner. Over dinner they giggled about the conversation with Mikey, wondering if he took part in extra-curricular activities with the guests.

After dinner they skipped a trip to the bar and went back to their room.

“Well what do you think Angie?” Ronnie asked?

“About what?” came Angie’s question in reply.

“All of this? It’s a lovely place, Mikey’s a cute as can be, but the food just ain’t doing it for me.” Ronnie said.

“Well, I did think we might not be properly catered for here, and although I know we can be really good, I thought we might need a little something to keep us going.” Angie reached into the wardrobe and pulled out her bag.

“What you got there?” Ronnie asked.

A moment later Angie pulled a large cake box from her bag. “Just this” she said as she opened the box to reveal a seriously delicious looking chocolate cream cake. “Luckily it’s already sliced, just for us.” She grabbed a couple of tissues from the bathroom and passed Ronnie a slice.

Ronnie took a huge bite almost before Angie had chance to let go of the slice. “You’re a star Angie. I though this place would be good, but I’m telling you this is really good.”

3 -this is really good



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  1. Oh Mark this made me chuckle , I just thought of you and Tone !! lol

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