How good are you with song lyrics?

The following piece of nonsense uses the lyrics of a couple of songs for a journey of fantasy…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


‘Life is a minestrone’ sang one of the best pop groups back in the day. What on earth could they have meant? A mixed bag, plenty of past in the mix, or that they were in the soup?” The radio Deejay called Farrah droned on as Paul lie on his bed trying to do his Chinese homework. He was making as much sense of the reading exercise as Farrah was making of the records lyrics.

“… and another group of the same era spoke about life going on day after day as they crossed a river on a boat.. what’s that all about?” DJ Farrah continued. “Well let’s listen to these tow songs and see if you can make any more sense of them than the listeners of the day…”

The first of the songs started to echo out of the radio as Paul rolled over finding it impossible to concentrate on the Chinese script any more. As he listened to the lyrics he started to drift into a light sleep.

Minutes later Paul found himself dancing in front of the White House with Minnie Mouse as they sipped tea.

“This is just a dream,” he told Minnie.

“Don’t you be so sure,” Minnie replied in her high-pitched squeaky voice, “You’re such a phobic. live with the moment.”

Minnie grabbed his hand and pulled him into the air. Seconds later they were in Italy. Minnie had a camera and was taking a photo of Paul holding up the tower of Pisa. Before Paul could catch his breath she had hold of his hands again and he was in France staring att he Eiffel tower.

“This is pure madness” he said as Minnie fed him a plate of cold lasagna.

“But I’m not dead,” he said and woke up with a start, just as the first of Deejay Farrah’s song choices was finishing.

“Now lay back and enjoy the second of my song choices from yesteryear,” Farrah suggested as the first bars of the next song started to fill Paul’s room.

Although Paul didn’t want to repeat his dream sequence with this song he felt himself slipping back into sleep as the song  wafted over him.

This time Minnie Mouse as nowhere to be seen, but there were two large birds on a building by a river that were looking down on him as he rushed along with so many other people all appearing caught up in their own worries.  Everyone as heading toward sa huge ship. As Paul started to walk up the gangplank he tried to tell the security guard his name, but the security guard didn’t seem to care what his name was, but welcomed him on board all the same. This time Paul felt at ease and comfortable. This time he was still well aware that it was a dream, but was comfortable within it…..





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