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This is the fourth episode of a story

the previous part of which is told here


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Another Sunday had come round and Edna’s family were back on the island visiting. As a mark of respect for Edna’s privacy they had decided to stay at a villa in the town rather than stay in Edna’s villa. At least that was what they had told Edna. She wasn’t quite so sure. She was worried that they were keeping their distance a bit because of the blazing row they had had the last time they had come to stay.  Edna knew her youngest daughter, Lindsey, had issues about her relationship, but she thought that at least Liz, her elder daughter,  was on her side.

Edna wasn’t going to allow any of that to upset her though, as this was her time, her week. She was marrying Carlos in a few days and was looking forward to both the ceremony and a wonderful day; and to spending the rest of her life with a man she cared for deeply, and who in turn cared for her as well as she could ever hope. Edna had fallen for Carlos completely and quickly and she knew he loved her just as much in return.

It was just after nine o’clock and Carlos was below in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the two of them to enjoy in bed, just as he had done for every weekend for the last few months, since he and Edna had become an item.

Edna could almost taste the delicious smells wafting up through the window. From the sounds from below and the smells Edna had guessed that Carlos was making waffles or pancakes with fresh fruit and chocolate sauce. She could also smell delicious coffee brewing. How Edna Loved lazy Sunday mornings in bed being pampered.

Edna guessed that she still had some time before Carlos appeared back in the room with the breakfast. She leaned over and picked up her latest read from her bedside table. Turning to where she had finished reading she soon got lost in the story again. The book was called ‘Edinburgh Extensions’ and wasn’t what she normally read. It was spicy and erotic, the characters were wild, free and self-indulgent, at least sexually. It was a book recommended by one of her Facebook friends. She had ordered it online and was loving it.

Edna was delighted how her world had opened up with the use of the computer. She had never even looked at one back in the UK, but Carlos had patiently taken her hand for a wander through the technological minefield. She now had friends the world over and usually spent some time Sunday mornings posting to social websites and replying to e-mails. Today she had wanted to spend time in her book and had foregone  her PC pleasures. She desperately wanted to find out what the characters in her book were getting into. Edna wanted to know if the dangerous liaison in the Bar restroom was going to materialise, or if the characters would simply go back to their spouses.

Within moments of picking up her book Edna was deeply involved in the story as it evolved, so much so that she didn’t hear Carlos come back into the room until he coughed loudly and said her name.

“Sorry darling, I was so deep into the book again,” Edna explained.

“Is no problem. I love to watching you read. I love everything you do. I love you.” Carlos pulled the tray table close to the bed and climbed in beside her, dropping his robe on the floor as he did so.

Edna licked her lips. “Oh, Carlos, you are such a sweetie. I love everything you do too. This looks and smells wonderful. Having breakfast in bed with you is one of my fave things to do on a Sunday morning” Edna said as she snuggled closer, caressing Carlos’ thigh as she did so. “But my most favourite thing to do is this.” Edna said as she lifted the sheet with a wry smile.

26 - fav eting for a sunday

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The previous part of Adam’s adventure can be found here:



“The U.S. Government asked you all here as experts in each of your fields to oversee the finalisation of project TRM. This will be the biggest scientific breakthrough man has ever seen. By the end of the decade, gentlemen we will have perfected the art of time travel with our TRM, Time readjustment Module.  Our task here this week is to move the project forward and stabilise the prototype to be able to send people through the time vortex.

Adam was just a little surprised to find himself sitting in the audience of thirteen experts. He was dressed in a smart suit and tie and clearly fit in with the other scientific types around him. Only a few moments ago he ahd been sitting in his study looking at the computer screen wondering when he would first be required to activate his guardian skills.

On a podium at the front of the room stood an army official who was talking about the united States plan to perfect a machine which would allow time travel. Adam could hardly believe he had been drawn to this event so soon after officially taking over the guardian role. As he listened to on after another government official drone on about the plan Adam realised that he knew a lot more about the subject than he would have thought. Looking at the documents and plans on the tabvle in front of him he was aware that he understood every word and diagram. He did have the knowledge.

‘Did you doubt us? Did you so doubt yourself?’ a voice remarkably like Swallow’s but deep in his head enquired. ‘Trust yourself. Turn inwards for answers’ the voice told him.

Adam knew that as guardian it was his role to protect the integrity of time and space. He knew if must not be compromised. What he wasn’t sure of was whether the perfection of such a machine, and safe time travel was within the safe zone, or if he was at this event to sabotage the efforts of the experts surrounding him. Was he there to help move the project forward or was he there to prevent the project ever being realised.

All of a sudden he noticed that the room had gone quiet and that everyone was looking at him. Pulling himself out of his reverie he apologised for not being fully present and gave a reasonable excuse about his thinking overtaking him in a time-space continuum. There was some polite, or nervous, laughter at this followed by a repeated request for him to take to the podium and deliver his thoughts on the project from his point of view.

Adam slowly got to his feet, felling ever so slightly nervous. he had no idea what he was going to say, or even what his field of expertise was, and was hoping that his mind would fill in the blanks and not leave him standing on the podium looking like some kind of imposter, which was exactly as he felt at that moment. ‘Adam Finch, you are the Guardian, you are Magnificent. You can and will do what is right here and now. You have the knowledge’ he repeated to himself as he moved towards the podium.




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The previous part of Adam’s adventure can be found here:



Having heard the pronouncements of the other guardians Adam was in a state of shock.

“This is a huge responsibility,” he said, his head still reeling from what had been laid on him. “The Guardian of Time and Space. That’s one huge concept that I can hardly get my head round- Me?”

“Yet get your head round it you already have,” a voice from behind told him. “Where are you now? how did you get here? How long have you been here? where and when is ‘here’? all these questions you can accept whether or not you can answer them fully, because you are here having left one space and time for another. Remember it is not always the how of doing something that makes it possible but the knowledge that it is true. Remember to let your truth create your reality.”

“Adam. This is a responsibility you will live up to,” Swallow’s voice told him. ” Each of us in turn has thought similar thoughts as you and in turn each of us has taken on and carried out the role well.”

“I don’t understand why it is now me who is the Guardian, or why any of you could not have accepted the role for ever.” ADam said, hoping he didn’t sound like he was whining or ungrateful.

“we are one soul, reborn in many bodies,” Swallow said. “The human body is not built for eternity, despite some peoplpe’s desire to make it so. It is, therefore, better that we regenerate or reincarnate. This also helps us blend in and remain hidden in plain sight.”

“Can I come back her, or at least turn to you all when I need to?” Adam indicated that he meant all the guardians.

“That will not be necessary, Adam finch, for we are all in you. We are one. Simply turn to yourself and you will have the answer you need. Trust yourself. trust your inner guidance.” Swallow explained. “in this individual stare we are only accessible during the change of guardians. From now on we only reside within you.”

“I hope your faith in me is justified.” Adam said humbly.

“Our faith in you is more than justified for we have faith in ourselves.” another voice intoned.

“Although we are about to take leave of you be assured that we are still with you. Now, Adam Finch, Go, accept your changes, go continue our work. Go as the Guardian knowing you are magnificent.”

When Swallow had finished speaking Adam found himself drawn back to his study and in moments was back in front of his laptop. He clicked one of the keys to see that the e-mail that had set in motion the recent chain of events had gone. Checking the rime on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen he noted that although he had been with the other guardians some time he had in reality only been with them a few minutes. It was almost as if time had stood still, or at least slowed down.

Adam’s mind was still spinning with te information that had been given to him. a he sat staring at the screen pondering his new found knowledge and status he felt a strange pulling in his mind. It was almost as if he was being physically dragged out of his seat to another place.

Just as Adam began to wonder if this was the intuition that would lead him to situations where he was needed the screen in front of him began to disappear and he had a strange sense of falling through time and space.

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Every night for a week Danny had been having a recurring nightmare. Each night he had woken up wither screaming  or sweating, or both, with fear. Each night it had taken his mum several minutes to be able to calm him back down again. Most nights Danny refused to go back to sleep in his own bed and spent the remainder of the dark hours sleeping with is mum and dad in their bed.

By the end of the week the whole family were suffering from the lack of sleep. Danny’s mum and dad were at a loss as to what to do and were worried that Danny’s nightmares might mean that he had some more deep-seated anxieties.

After dinner, once they had got Danny off to be, albeit reluctantly, they sat at the kitchen table talking about what they should do.

“Is it normal for kids his age to have a week of nightmares?” Sally, Danny’s mum asked her husband, “I’m really at a loss.”

“Don’t blame yourself, Sal. He’s our first kid. I’m no expert, but I don’t remember having nightmares much when I was six, do you?” Ian, Danny’s dad replied. “Has anything or anyone at school been bothering him recently?”

“He hasn’t said anything. I did ask him a couple of times and he seems to be really happy in his class. His teacher said he’s doing well too, so it doesn’t seem to be affecting him at school, for the time being.”Sally said proudly .

“And he doesn’t watch anything scary in TV or the internet,” Ian stated.

“No way,” Sally confirmed.

“Let’s see how he is this weekend, and if nothing improves we’ll speak to his teacher and see what help the school can offer,” Ian suggested.,

“Let’s go into town tomorrow and buy him some new PJs and a new duvet cover. If we let him choose something himself he might feel better about it. Besides it’s time he had something slightly more grown up than Postman Pat.”

“Sounds like a plan. Tomorrow we shop.” Ian agreed.

That night Danny had his nightmare again and spent the early hours sleeping in his mum and dad’s bed.

Soon after breakfast the next day the whole family jumped in the car and set off for the shopping centre near to town. On the way Danny’s mum told him their main reason for going into the shops. As soon as she had told him Danny knew exactly what PJs he wanted and which duvet cover too. He’d seen them in a magazine a few days before and had thought that if only he could have those PJs he would be safe.

As soon as they got into the bedroom shop Danny grabbed his mum’s hand and dragged her off in the direction of the PJs. He saw the ones he wanted in the display and pointed them out.

“Iron Man?” his mum asked.

“Yes, mum, please,” Danny replied.

“OK. If that’s what you want then that’s what you shall have.” Sally added.

“Yes, Mum. He’ll look after me. I’ll be safe.” Danny said excitedly.

“That’s right, son. They’re perfect. magic PJs to keep you safe in your dreams. And do you want a same duvet cover?” Sally checked.

“Yes please, I’ll be double safe.” Danny was truly excited.

Sally hoped that his enthusiasm would translate into his sleep world and that his dreams would be positive and not scary. Looking over at Ian she could read the same in his face. Taking the bags off them Ian took out his credit card and went ot the cash till to pay.

That night Danny was keen to go to bed for the first time in ages. Once Sally had tucked him in, and left him with the nightlight on, she and Ian sat nervously in the living room, half listening out for any noises from Danny’s room as they watched the television.

“So far so good,” Ian said as they turned out the lights as they went to bed.

At some point during the middle of the night Sally heard some noise from Danny’s room. She had only been sleeping lightly and as soon as she heard the noise she was out of bed and at Danny’s door.

Standing by the door frame she saw Danny’s little body moving around under the duvet. She moved in closer and could hear him muttering something.

“Take that,” he said. “Your day’s are numbered.”

Sally smiled. It seemed Danny was indeed conquering his nightmares.

“Iron Man,” Sally said to herself smiling as she went back to bed.

23 - PJS

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The previous part of Adam’s adventure can be found here:



“Adam Finch you are ready,” one of the voices told Adam. Swallow has chosen our successor well. From this day forth yor life will change in many ways, and freedom will be yours.”

Another voice spoke,” It is now , Adam Finch, that we pass the knowledge on to you for the term of your guardianship, for your life. After we are done here your guardianship will begin.”

Adam remained politely quiet, and slightly in awe,as the guardians spoke.

“Time and Space.” a voice behind him intoned. A voice that sounded as if it came from the dawn of time. “You, we, are the guardian of Time and Space and all that encompasses.”

Not much then,‘ Adam thought as the greatness of the guardianship dawned on him.

“Since the dawn of civilisation man has sought to control both time and space for his benefit. These can never be under man’s control or both will unravel and bring forth the end of days.”

“Over the centuries man has claimed control over space, but he really has no understanding of what this means. He evacuates space and builds his dreams and monstrosities within it but space remains uncaptured and static to man. The use of space is not his domain. Adam finch it is yours.”

“Time has never been in man’s grasp. He measures it down to the last millisecond and then measures his life by that timing, without the thought for each millisecond within a life. Man will not live in the present where everything co-exists. He pushes back into the past and tries to control and understand a future that cannot be controlled nor fully understood. Man is fully under the spell of time and time is not under his control.  Everything is now. If man understood this simple concept he would be free, but instead he tries to lineate and measure. This is the way to destruction. Now is the way to peace.”

“Some of the greatest theorists have hypothesized about time. None of them have come close to the imaginings of its perfection. If man took time as a given and lived instead of trying to move within what he constructs all would be well. We fear this is not yet on the cards.”

“You, Adam Finch, will be slave to neither  nor will you be their master. Time and Space will be your home. You will have freedom of movement in both, knowing that everything is now. You will guard both carefully being forever watchful of intrusions into their fabrics which would leave them compromised. By our bond now your sense of this is developed and you will be drawn by an intuition to wherever you are needed. How you master the art is yours to decide.”

“By being with us in the now you are absorbing change. You are becoming the guardian for Now. You are gaining knowledge simply by being here among us as we are among you. Although this may seem unreal to you. Adam Finch you are the guardian for Now.”

Each pronouncement had been given by a different voice, a different guardian, a different Adam. Adam had a sense that he wa shearing the voices through his ears but experiencing them through his mind.

Finally Swallow spoke, “Adam Finch do you accept and embrace the change, your change to the Guardian?”

Adam nodded, or at least felt like he had nodded, and looking around the beings realised that he had no need to speak his answer for it was a given. The change was his and he was changed by being in their presence.



The next part of Adam’s story can be found here:



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The previous part of Adam’s adventure can be found here:



Adam could hardly believe his eyes.

The place he was in appeared to be a space of pure light. Although he sensed there were walls and a floor of some kind he could not see them. He felt like he was still siting down but there didn’t appear to be any chair under him. Adam was aware of being in his earthly body but also had some sense of being a pure energy form.

In front and all round him there were several beings out of whom a radiant light shone. For a moment Adam thought that he may have died and that he and the beings around him were angels. Looking around he felt as if he instinctively knew each one of them, but could not name any of them until he suddenly recognised Swallow.

As Adam’s eyes adjusted to the strange brightness he could clearly see Swallow, but in a different form to what he had been used to. Swallow nodded back in greeting. All of a sudden Adam felt a bolt of pure and loving energy come from Swallow bolstering his confidence and making him feel even more relaxed and even, he thought, at home. Adam sensed that Swallow was encouraging him to speak.

“Although I am not sure where I am, why I am here, or how I got here, I am feeling comfortable and at peace,” Adam stated. Before he spojke he had no idea what words were going to come from his mouth, but having said them he felt they describe how he felt exactly.

“That is good and as it should be,” someone replied.

“Adam Finch, are you the Guardian?” another voice asked.

“I am,” Adam replied, now more sure of his answer than ever before, even if he didn’t exactly know of what he was a guardian he was sure he was one.

“You are, as we are. A fine answer, Adam Finch.” This time Adam recognised the speaker as Swallow. From the answer Swallow had given Adam surmised that he was in the presence of the previous guardians.

“Yet you confirmed nothing in our correspondence,” stated another of the voices.

“I had no idea who the mail was from. I didn’t know if it was friend or foe, so I took the side of caution,” Adam told the voice.

“And yet you still replied. Was that cautious?” Adam was asked.

“I decided action was better than inaction. If I did nothing no movement in my situation could have been encouraged. With action I knew that I would find out more, one way or the other, yet still not reveal my full identity.” Adam explained.

“You did well, Adam Finch, very well. There will be many times when  you are approached by those who you will not immediately know as friend or foe. To be cautious is to be prudent. To be prudent is to be wise. And as Guardian you will need to take action guided by your soul and heart as you have done this time.” one of the voices said.

“Are you ready to fully take on the mantle of Guardian. To be our next representative, and are you ready for the knowledge and to accept all that we ask of you?” Swallow asked.

“I have only been aware of my destiny for a short while, and still do not know everything about what being the guardian entails yet I care about this more than I have cared about anything in my life. I am ready. I want knowledge and accept whatever you ask of me.” Adam felt as if he were swearing a solemn oath, which in truth, he was.

He had accepted the guardianship with his words and was ready to take on the role. For once he had not hesitated in his answer. He really did care about this.

21 - I care about this

The next part of Adam’s story can be found here:



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The previous part of Adam’s adventure can be found here:



Having sent his e-mail to the unknown writer Adam had a sudden panic that he may have made the wrong move. He was tempted to try to contact Swallow for reassurance, but soon calmed himself back down and decided that doing so would not be a good move and possibly counterproductive. He had taken decisive action and needed to await the outcome before doing anything else.

For the next three days the fist thing Adam did, even before showering, was check his internet mailbox. The following day he had an appointment at the employment at the office in town in the morning so didn’t check his e-mail before he left. During the day Adam had various errands to run in town, including some shopping, so didn’t get home until the early evening.

As soon as he arrived home he dropped his shopping on the kitchen table and moved straight through to the study to check his mailbox. Once he logged in he could see that he had received several e-mails during the previous night and the day. Halfway down the list he spotted one with nothing in the subject line. Once he had noticed it his heart skipped a beat. He moved the cursor over it and clicked to open.

Adam’s excited anticipation lasted a moment or two longer as he waited for the e-mail opened. As soon as it had Adam saw it was simply ‘spam’ offering him the chance of a lifetime offer to collect an inheritance from a long lost uncle in Australia that he knew did not exist. He quickly hit the ‘delete’ button and went on to check the other e-mails.

Two more days passed before Adam found another e-mail in his mailbox without a subject heading. Again Adam’s blood pressure rose slightly as he clicked to open the mail.

As soon as the e-mail opened on Adam’s Laptop there was an incandescent flash of light which temporarily blinded Adam causing him to close his eyes tight.

When he opened them the bright light was still there but it was less blinding and strangely no longer coming from his laptop. Adam was no longer in his study he was in a room of pure and complete light.

RVB de baseThe next part of Adam’s story can be found here:



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