This is the third episode of a story

the previous part of which is told HERE

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Lindsey wasn’t happy, but it seemed that a simply part of her  cautious nature. ever since she had been a little girl she had seen the glass half empty and here she was once again finding fault and seeing the worst in people.

“But Mum, he’s half your age, what will people back home think?” Lindsey was trying to keep calm but was having trouble reining in her feelings.

“They’ll think that I am a very lucky woman if they have any sense.” Edna smiled benignly at her daughter. “And besides I have had enough of worrying what others think, especially those who hide behind their net curtains with little minded opinions. This is my life, Lindsey, and it’s about time I live did as I saw fit.”

“Come on , Liz, back me up.” Lindsey looked at her sister to drum up some support.

“Sorry Linds, you’re on your own here. Have you seen him? He is one fit guy. Good on you, Mum. If I was you I’d be doing the same. He is gorgeous and clearly dotes on you. Age is nothing. He’s right for Mum, Linds, and we should be happy for her.”

“Liz, what are you talking about? Both you and Mum’s visions are blurry. You’ve both been blinded by the man’s good looks, his charm or maybe simply by the money Mum is now rolling in.” Lindsey voiced her opinions.

“How dare you, madam. My vision is far from Blurry. I’ve never seen more clearly.” Edna pulled herself up in her chair. “My vision is clearer than it ever was before we knew that picture was worth a bob or two. Since then everything has been clarity and light. For the first time in years I feel I have control of my life and I know what I’m doing.”

After having sold the pointillist masterpiece at auction for what was a record figure Edna had felt freer than she had ever before. She was sure she was seeing things more clearly than ever before.

“It is you with the blurred vision,” Edna continued sternly. “Blurred by greed and envy. Can’t you see how happy I am? Can’t you just accept?”

“Greed? Envy? Accept?” Lindsey stood up and turned towards the window, turning her back on her mother and her sister. She looked out at the incredible view from her mum’s new home. Just outside the landscaped garden looked amazing. The beds tended with care and the lawns perfectly manicured sloped down to the golden beach which was edged by the perfectly blue Mediterranean Sea. Lindsey could understand why her mum had bought this place after just a day on the island. It was a clear blue day but Lindsey’s view was blurred, not by her active imagination but by the tears that were building up in her eyes and spilled gently down her cheeks. Her mother’s words had stung her. “Mum? How could you say such things. I only want the best for you. I don’t like the idea of you being shacked up with some gigolo who could rob you blind and break your heart all at once.”

“So he’s okay to maintain my garden, serve my meals, and look after your children while you’re here having a go at me, but he’s not good enough to keep me warm at night. Perhaps you’d like it better if he was just a one night stand, a moment of passion to be forgotten?” Edna replied.

The subject of their discussion, Carlos, was on the beach with Lindsey’s two sons and her sister Liz’s son and daughter. Edna could see them from where she was sitting. They were having fun playing beach volleyball. Simply seeing him there, in his shorts with the sunlight reflecting off the seawater caught in the hair on his chest and legs, playing with her grandchildren she realised just how much she cared for him and what a lucky woman she as to have found a second chance after losing her husband so many years previously.

Liz had seen where her mum’s gaze had landed. “Lindsey can’t you see how happy mum is now? Don’t you think she deserves some happiness with a man that makes her happy in so many ways, and really seems to care for her too?

“But…” Lindsey started to say.

“But nothing,” her younger sister interrupted. “You may not remember, or even know the full truth of it, but when you met Joseph Dad was set against you too being together, even though you were already living together when he met him for the first time.”

“That was so different,” Lindsey countered.

“Different why? Dad thought Joseph was there to take advantage of you. He was sure he simply wanted a British passport,. but mum spoke up for him and you. It wasn’t different at all. If dad hadn’t listened then you wouldn’t have had such an easy time with Joseph, and those two children playing down there on the beach may never heave existed. So tell me why is it so different? Because it’s our mum?” Liz was passionate about protecting her mum’s right to be with Carlos.

“But mum’s out here on her own, What if he just wants her money and is off once he’s set up? We’ll be back in England unable to do anything,” Lindsey was finding it difficult to accept the situation at all.

“I think mum can look after herself, and from what I’ve seen Carlos looks after her much better than our dad ever did. I’m not saying he was a bad man, because he wasn’t, but he was a different generation. His generation though they were to pampered by their wives. It seems to me, mum has reversed the situation here.”

“Enough, enough,” Edna interjected. “I’ve heard enough. I asked you both to come out here, because I wanted you to be happy for me. I wanted you to share my joy. I wanted to share my joy with you. I want to share something really important with you now. Carlos has taken the kids down to the beach so I could tell you something.”

“Oh mum, yes?” Liz said, her eyes sparkling. She had a good idea what her mum was about to say.

“Yes,” Edna confirmed.

“Are you too talking code?” Lindsey felt left out.

“He’s asked to make an honest woman of you?” Liz checked she was right.

“Yes, he has, and what’s more I’ve said yes, a huge damned yes if you must know.” Edna told her daughters happily.

Lindsey turned back round from the window looking at her mum undisguised disbelief in her eyes.

22 - blurry-sunset


The next episode of Edna’s tale is here:




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  1. Oh no has Edna done the right thing , Will Carlos Marry her then do arunner with her money or will they live happy ever after ?????? .

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