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‘Three million, seven hundred and twenty thousand pounds.’ Edna repeated the figures over and over in her head savouring the sound of them as she remembered the day her old painting had gone up for auction, and made her a comfortable life.  She had just returned from the en-suite bathroom, where she had enjoyed her morning ritual of freshening up before returning to her bed. As she lie there on her plumped up, duck down, pillows she marvelled at her luck and at the view she was now enjoying.

The sun was already shining brightly through her bedroom window. Outside the green parrots were chattering and bickering noisily before they flew off over the lushly landscaped garden, which sloped at the far end down to the beach. The beach was made up of the finest golden sand and Edna owned every grain of it.Beyond Edna could see the cobalt blue of the Mediterranean Sea which glittered as the suns rays bounced over it. This was the incredible view from her bed now.

Thinking about her life before the millions she  could see in her mind’s eye the view from her bed from her small bedroom in her two up two down house. She had loved that old house, after all she had spent most of her married life in it, and had seen her husband off from it, first of all each morning for work, then finally in an oak coffin when the dust from the mines finally took him off.  She had missed him, but still had enjoyed a good life for the intervening years after he had gone. The only thing that she didn’t like from that old house was the view. Looking out the window from her bed there, all she could see was the other side of the road, and another row of identical houses staring back.

‘That was then and this is now,’ She thought to herself as she listened to Carlos two stories below her cooking up her breakfast. Everyday he made her something special and served her in bed. He life was a luxury now and so different to before. Thinking back to the day of the antiques show when she found out that her painting as worth a bob or two she chuckled to herself remembering her daughter’s reactions before the big reveal.  Lindsey had been bored and thought that Edna was wasting her time. She had said that if the painting turned out to be worth anything she would eat her hat. Edna didn’t hold her to that promise, but was satisfied that she had been made to eat her words. Lindsey was still living in the UK, despairing at the cold and also at her mother’s decision to move to Majorca. Edna had made sure all her children were comfortable before she had set about looking after herself so felt no guilt for leaving.

Once the money had gone into her bank Edna set the wheels in motion to find herself a new home. She had decided on somewhere warmer and more pleasant than the north she had grown up and spent most of her life in, but also somewhere not to far away from her daughters and grandchildren. Her estate agent had found her the perfect place within a couple of weeks, and as soon as she saw the photos on the internet Edna knew that it was the right place for her. The building was a fairly new one, with a fair size garden. She wanted a garden as she planned to take her dog with her wherever she went. But most importantly for Edna it had a sea view. In fact it didn’t only have a sea view it also had its very own private beach. Within another month she had closed up her house in England, handing back the keys to the council from whom she had rented it for the last forty or so years, and moved to Majorca lock, stock and barrel.

Her fist night in the big house all alone was a little unsettling for Edna, and she didn’t venture far from her bedroom after dark, which she knew as silly, but couldn’t sum up the courage to leave either her room or the house.  She felt more comfortable in the one room with Chailey, her faithful English mutt of a dog, who was also finding the change a little stressful as far as Edna could tell. They spent the night cuddled up together in Edna’s King-size bed. When Edna awoke the next morning and threw back the windows onto the view which was all hers her confidence bounced back and she knew she had made the right decision. Letting Chailey out into the garden that first morning in the beautiful sunshine was so much more of a pleasure than the dreary morning walks they had become used to back home.

Her second day in residence was so different. With Chailey in tow she had visited the local villages and put feelers out for staff to help her maintain her new home. In one of the bars in the nearest village she met another ex-pat couple who recommended a young man to her who they said would be able to keep house and generally look after her needs. That was how Carlos had come into her life. Within no time he had proved himself indispensable. he could cook,clean, drive and had contacts all over  the island who were employed one by one to take on various other duties on Edna’s estate.

One morning a few days later as Carlos served Edna her breakfast Edna, who had grown very fond of the young man, made her move. Carlos responded and the rest was history. She knew that some people would judge her as a silly old woman being taken for a ride by a young Lothario, but Edna knew different, and besides the ride was what she was in the game for. Carlos truly cared for Edna. Although there was a considerable age difference between the two of them it didn’t appear to bother him at all. Edna sometimes worried that it might be a problem, especially when she considered that she was already married with a daughter when Carlos as born. Carlos, however, brushed aside her doubts, and usually in the best possible way.

Edna was staring out the window when Carlos returned with the breakfast tray. It was loaded down with all sorts of fruits and sugary delicacies. Carlos knew what Edna enjoyed in the mornings. He placed the tray on the table in front of the window, and turned smiling at Edna knowingly. Slowly he advanced on the bed, pulling open his dressing gown as he did so. ‘Now , this is the view I enjoy most from my bed’ Edna thought as Carlos’s hairy torso moved in closer.




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6 responses to “VIEW FROM YOUR BED

  1. Lucky ,Lucky Edna , I want to be her ! lol. I wonder what her daughter thinks of her ? .
    Thank you for another lovely story Mark xx

    • And thank you for another comment. Its alasy good to find out what you think.
      Yes lucky old Edna. I think she’s having the time of her life, and as for Lindsey, lets say she’s not too pleased with it all. Maybe we’ll catch up with them again later.

  2. Michelle

    Yep, I want more stories of Edna and Lindsey and Carlos … thanks, Mark.

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