This post is a follow up to ‘CLOUD’ from the 24th February.

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“Green grow the rushes oh, I’ll…” came the refrain from nowhere Matthew could see. The voice was beautiful, siren- like and had drawn him closer, but where was it coming from?

The song was both a strong reminder of Matthew’s childhood, and a message from the ones who had evacuated.

Six months previously an evacuation had taken place for the new generation. All over the world the human race seemed to be advancing, and with the advances came problems. Those who were not evolved were at the least wary of the new generation, at worse they were downright hostile. The hostility led to conflict and an evacuation plan was made, for all those who wanted to move out of sight.

Six months previously Matthew had been in an asylum, put there by his parents who thought his evolution was madness. Under lock and key, and even under restraint at times Matthew had been unable to join the other evacuees. He knew his gifts were part of a greater human evolutionary plan, and not madness, but was powerless to do anything.

During his time in the institution Matthew had been visited almost every night by the strange ‘Green grow the rushes-oh’ lullaby.  It had calmed him, and little by little helped him realise that his way out was to passively accept the doctors’ decisions and do exactly as they said. The doctors, in this institution were not part of the evolution, just like Matthew’s parents were not part of the evolution. None of them understood what was happening, and chose to deny and try to change it.

Finally Matthew had been left unattended in the grounds of the institution for a long enough period of time to be able to escape. HE simply hopped over the walk and calmly walked down the road into the local village. From there he walked daily from town to town, depending on the kindness of others to get by.

Over three hundred kilometres later his pilgrimage felt like it was at its end. The sound of the song which had been his internal compass through the days of walking was so clear now, and no longer in his head. He could hear it clearly, but making out where it was coming from was ore difficult.

Standing by the lake he looked around to try to find the source of the gentle song.

“Open your mind,” a voice said in his head. “Open your mind.”

Matthew sat down on the banks of the lake and relaxed. He breathed deeply and did as the voice had suggested. He opened his mind. In that moment everything became clear. He was on the edge of the new civilisation. It was all so clever, and almost too obvious. Looking out into the waters of the lake Matthew could see an amazing underwater city stretching into the depths. Where he was sitting thee was some kind of portal.

Opening his mind Matthew could see that the portal wasn’t strictly physical, but he couldn’t quite make out how he could enter it, and in turn the city beyond.

The voice told him to use his mind. ‘But how?’ Matthew thought.

”Use your mind like the waters of the lake,’ the voice responded to him.

‘like the waters…?’ Matthew stopped the question mid sentence. A trick his grandfather had learnt him when he was stressed was to clear his mind of all worries. Clear, the waters of teh lake were clear as long as his mind was open. If his mind was clear to he thought he would be able to use the portal.

Little by little Matthew cleared his mind of everything, and little by little he realised that the portal was opening to him. He stood up and walked towards the portal, although he felt more like he was floating towards the entrance. With a small amount of physical resistance he passed through and was met by the singer of the siren-like song.

“Welcome to our new Atlantis,” She said “I’ve been waiting for you.”

17 - Green (grow the rushes)



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5 responses to “GREEN

  1. Melva

    I’m flabbergasted!! It was only today Mark that I had a conversation with a friend about some experiences. The topic was Atlantis!!! I must share this with her!!!!!!!

    • Hi Melva, Thank you for popping by today, and for commenting. I am glad your Ghast was flabbered. The idea for the story opped into my head last night when the song included started playing round in my head too. I had wanted to continue the previous post (Cloud) and this seemed like the perfect vehicle.
      ANd please do share with your friend(S) – Increasing my readership would be fantastic.

  2. Jane Tullett

    Lovely x

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