Upside Down

The gallery in Upper Manhattan was buzzing as the night for the unveiling of Illiona’s new work had finally arrived. Illiona had been the darling of the international art world for the last couple of years, and was still enjoying being at the  peak of her fame, or was it infamy?

As was her way, Illiona was going to be arriving late at the gala evening. She wanted to let the critics and art lovers get their fill of her new piece, and their fill of champagne of course, before she made her grand entrance to thank everyone.

The gallery opened at seven o’clock, but was crass enough to arrive on time. The first few visitors casually walked through the gallery’s doors just before eight. Of course they were all keen to rush through to see Illiona’s new work in the special preview gallery, but would not make it seem that way by rushing through the other galleries of up and coming artists favoured by Illiona.

By nine thirty the place was full, and Illiona’s new work was being highly praised by almost everyone. The critic were enthusing about the subtle use of light and shade and the way the colours were intertwined creating an illusion from top to bottom. The only person to actually criticise the painting was the gallery’s caretaker, who said there was something off about the piece of art, something that made him feel slightly off kilter. But of course no-one was going to take notice of a simple caretaker.

Illiona’s car pulled up at the curb and she breezed into the gallery nodding and chatting with her closer associates as she went. From being a two bit artist in lower Manhattan she had come a long way in a short time, and to be honest she had no time for the critics who fawned over her. She was there for her art, and not to be adored.

She walked into the inner sanctum of the gallery listening to and accepting the compliments as she passed through the crowd. It seemed everyone was bowled over by her new piece. Finally arriving beside her masterpiece she stopped with a wry smile on her face.

“Thank you all for coming this evening…” she began “As always it is an honour to be surrounded by the glitterati of our wonderful city.” The applause was tumultuous.

“I’ve heard all your wonderful comments a I’ve passed through this evening. I’ve even heard the comment made by the caretaker earlier today…” There was a round of nervous laughter and a few claps as she took a breath. “And I have to tell you the caretaker may just have had something – I’m sorry everyone, but this..” she took another breath and pointed towards her work “… is upside down.”

Having delivered this bombshell she left.



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