Makes you smile

It was a perfect day for spending time on the beach. The sun was blazing down and it was only ten in the morning.

“Looks like it’s going to be a scorcher again,” Ted said as they walked across the sand to claim their piece of the golden territory.

“That’s a no-brainer,” Jen replied hopping from foot to foot. She’d already taken her sandals off not wanting to get them full of sand. Well they were Prada darling!  “Can we chose somewhere soon or my feet are going to be toasted” she complained.

“Sometimes I wonder why you bother coming down to the beach at all. IT really seems to me that you don’t like it at all. The sand’s too hot, the sea’s too wet or cold and the noise of the children playing really disturbs you.” Ted threw over his shoulder as he marched on to what he thought would be the perfect spot.

Eventually Ted stopped dropped his bag on the sand and started setting up home. First of all he dug a small hole and pushed in the umbrella pole so that Jen would have enough shade for her fair skin. Next he laid out the blanket so Jen wouldn’t have to lie on any sand, and finally he laid out a huge towel and popped the coolbox under the brolly. “Here we are then,” he announced as he dropped his shorts and t-shirt in a pile on the edge of the blanket. “I’m going for a quick dip to cool off before allowing this delectable bod of mine a few hours in the sun.” And he was off down the beach at a trot.

Jen watched him go, admiring his adonis-like body, and the way his shorts clung to his perfectly formed buttocks, buttocks she had not long ago been hanging onto with ecstatic tension. In moments he was gone; under the surf of the waves as they broke across his chest, taking him from her view.  That was the real reason Jen liked to come to the beach to be with Ted. He was the best thing that had happened to her ever and she wanted to be with him as much as she could without being too clingy. Holidays were the perfect time for that. Carefully removing her sarong she settled face down on the blanket with her head under the shade. She loosened her bikini top and rubbed in some more sun protection. In moments she was dozing gently in the sun, remembering the night before and why she was so tired now.

All of a sudden Jen was awoken by chill droplets of water falling all across her back. She sat up with a start, quite forgetting that she had untied her bikini top, and gave the whole of Bournemouth beach a view of her perfectly formed breasts. “What the…” she stuttered just in time to see Ted moving away sheepishly. He had shaken his hair out over her when he had returned from his quick dip. “You, ah, you…” she tried to be angry as she gathered her bikini top to her with a touch of embarrassment, but Ted was simply smiling down at her with an innocent look on his face that simply said ‘Me, what?’

“Well I’m glad that makes you smile,” Jen said as he bent down to kiss her, a smile of promise on his lips. 




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